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Secure code training for DevOps

Empower developers with the know-how to spot software vulnerabilities early in CI/CD pipeline with interactive security code training that will turn them into your first line of defense

Shift left and ship secure code with confidence

Web applications continue to be the top attack target for data breaches. Insecure applications could cost you more than you think. That’s why incorporating security coding practices early in development is more important than ever.

Our interactive cyber security code training for developers helps companies to significantly reduce software vulnerabilities and secure your code from the start. The interactive platform trains and equips your developers to think and act with a security mindset, allowing them to shift left and ship secure code with confidence.

Turn developers into first line of defense

Secure your application by identifying common software vulnerabilities such as OWASP top 10 in the SDLC and build a security first mindset to defend your code from the start

Spot vulnerabilities before a hacker does
Understand how code breaks, how vulnerabilities are exploited, and how attacks can be prevented. Taking on the role of the attacker teaches developers how to avoid attacks
Learn through gamification & contest

Challenge your team with hands-on missions and tournaments making learning about security fun, competitive and engaging

Interactive leaderboard tracking

Detailed overview and tracking of your developers and teams to help you monitor progress, identify areas for improvement and reward your security champions

Custom and scalable security code training
Create custom training campaigns via multiple languages for your teams based on specific categories and scenarios to build and verify their software security skills across different jurisdictions 
PCI and ISO/IEC compliance
Security awareness training is a key requirement for meeting PCI and ISO/IEC compliance. Our training provides a baseline certification to help achieve those compliance standards
Faster, more secure software development 

Shift left with ease and implement powerful and measurable secure coding best practice early in the SDLC for inhouse and outsourced developers

Save bug fixing cost

Save money by detecting security flaws early, It's 30 times more expensive to detect and fix vulnerabilities in committed code than it is to prevent them (NIST) 

"Secure Code Warrior has enabled us to train our developers in secure coding practices, across multiple languages. We also use it to assess external vendors determine the extent they will be allowed to code with us " 

CISO, Technology Company

Faster and more secure development

Save time and money by securing your software development cycle from the start. Join thousands of developers from 28 countries around the world who rely on Secure Code Warrior and Outpost24 to improve their code security!

The integration provides timely "how-to-fix" help via Secure Code Warrior's elearning platform that are specific to the CWE that is being found by the Outpost24 Application Security Platform. 

Read the Product Sheet [PDF]

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