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Risk based vulnerability management

Known vulnerabilities are routinely exploited by threat actors and your patching can't keep up.  Automate network vulnerability assessment and leverage real-world threat intelligence to prioritize your remediation workflow to reduce your biggest business risk

What is risk based vulnerability management?

With attackers looking for easy access and exploitable vulnerabilities to cause maximum harm impacting your programs, data, additional computers or networks a risk-based approach allows you to identify high-risk vulnerabilities enabling you to stay one step ahead and remediate any security issues in advance to reduce your security exposure. As penned by Gartner, this best practice approach to vulnerability management is now directed to prioritization using a framework that focuses on likelihood of an actual attack rather than making assumptions on the perceived risk like CVSS scores.

Risk-based vulnerability management (RBVM) provides organizations with the ability to focus their remediation efforts on imminent vulnerability risks that are mostly likely to be exploited in the wild and match your organization risk appetite, saving you valuable time and money reviewing vast volumes of vulnerabilities. Integrated with our vulnerability management, application security and container scanning solutions a risk-based score highlights highest risks to your vital assets and infrastructure with an exploit available for better-informed decision making and faster remediation.

Benefits of risk based vulnerability management

Using powerful threat intelligence, our risk-based vulnerability management (RBVM) solution Farsight prioritizes vulnerability findings in the context of exploitability for faster remediation. Our vulnerability risk rating integrates seamlessly with our vulnerability management scanners by predicting the biggest cybersecurity risks in your networks, and when you should patch them.

Hacker risk rating saves security teams time from tedious manual analysis of vulnerability data and accelerates remediation efforts on CVEs that are most likely to be exploited in the wild. RBVM enables organizations to trim off weeks of exposure time and make better informed decisions.

Improve prioritization

The sheer volume of vulnerabilities security professionals have to deal with everyday poses a significant challenge to resource and time to patch. Narrow down high risk CVEs by focusing on likelihood and exploit availability instead of CVSS

Reduce the biggest risk

A vulnerability is only dangerous when being exploited. Farsight empowers you to prioritize vulnerabilities that pose a true risk with hacker-centric insights and stop wasting time and remediation resources on vulnerabilities that don't get exploited

Focused remediation

There's a gap between the identification of vulnerabilities and the IT resource available to remediate within the timeframe hackers operate. Instead of CVSS or high profile threats you need to focus on the likelihood of a vulnerability being successfully weaponized

Managed Services

Don't have time? Outsource the daily running of vulnerability scanning and CVE prioritization to our highly experienced technical experts who will provide the most efficient remediation recommendations to get you where you ought to be faster

More than CVSS scores

Hackers don't care about CVSS and severity scores, all they care about is finding an exploit that works! Use risk-based insights to guide your vulnerability prioritization and ensure you remediate the right CVEs 

Integrated CVE insights
Our integrated threat intelligence provides real time risk scoring alongside CVE findings in each vulnerability scan, with advanced filters to help you adapt to the rapidly changing threat environment and risk scenarios
Predictive risk scoring

Backed by rich data and industry leading algorithms, our predictive risk scoring helps busy security teams stay ahead of attackers and remediate critical vulnerabilities that matter most to their business

Smarter and faster decisions

Combine internal assets with external threats with our powerful risk ratings to pinpoint the vulnerabilities that are most likely to be exploited (or already exploited) ensure you have one view of risk and the insights to make truly impactful remediation decisions

Get IT and Security on the same page
Our risk rating provides a common language to evaluate risk and prioritize which vulnerabilities to remediate first, helping IT and Security to work better together, and to protect assets that are most critical in driving revenue for your business
Evidence based, with high accuracy
Using machine learning, Farsight extracts threat intelligence for weaponized exploits and combines hacker intelligence with historical data to predict the likelihood and risk events
Guide: Predictive risk-based vulnerability management
With speed being the biggest challenge to effectively patch vulnerabilities, this handy guide looks at how existing CVSS scoring prioritization is failing you and how a risk-based approach with exploit intelligence can be applied to vulnerability prioritization and accelerate time to remediation of the biggest risk.

Your guide to risk based vulnerability management

What is risk-based vulnerability management? ⇘

RBVM uses machine learning predictions across your environment enabling organizations to prioritize the biggest threats as identified by exploitable vulnerabilities in the wild. Enabling businesses to sift through vulnerability noise and prioritize remediation based on the highest risks posed rather than guesswork to save time and reduce risk exposure.

What is the strategy for an optimal risk-based vulnerability management? ⇘

Risk-based vulnerability management goes beyond just identifying vulnerabilities. It optimizes an organization’s ability to understand threat context linked to their risk appetite. Enabling better informed decisions by focusing on the few vulnerabilities that pose the most risk. RBVM allows for effective and proactive risk mitigation by staying ahead of threat actors and reducing security exposure.

Is risk-based vulnerability management easy? ⇘

The sheer number of vulnerabilities hitting businesses everyday makes it not only inefficient but impossible to patch them all the time. Integrating risk-based machine learning into your VM will cut out the noise by correlating a number of variables, including the severity of vulnerabilities identified, and whether threat intelligence suggests the presence of malicious actors exploiting the given vulnerability in the wild making the process more efficient and proactive.

Why is prioritization important in risk based vulnerability management? ⇘

Prioritization allows businesses to find the highest risks and enables you to save valuable time addressing vulnerabilities that pose little threat should they be exploited. Linked to your own risk appetite allowing you to set parameters on which threats should be escalated in a continuous manner and improving the risk mitigation cycle from testing to quick remediation.

What is the difference between Vulnerability Management and Vulnerability Assessment? ⇘

A vulnerability assessment forms part of vulnerability management, enabling businesses to protect their systems and data at a set time to prevent cyber-attack and protect their data against a specific vulnerability. Whereas vulnerability management is a continual and automated process to protect businesses in the long term to maximize cyber hygiene and reduce security exposure

Discover, Assess and Prioritize Your Vulnerabilities for Focused Remediation

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