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Risk based vulnerability management

Don’t base your vulnerability prioritization on assumptions. Use predictive threat intelligence to make smarter and faster decisions on what to remediate, and when.

Prioritize risks not vulnerabilities for faster remediations

Powered by Cyr3con threat intelligence, our unique risk-based vulnerability management solution Farsight helps you prioritize vulnerabilities in the context of exploitability for faster remediation. Our risk rating integrates seamlessly with our internal and external network security solutions by ranking and predicting the most aggressive vulnerabilities, and when you should patch them.

By combining hacker centric behavioral data with historical data, our risk rating saves security teams time from tedious manual analysis of vulnerability data by focusing remediation efforts on vulnerabilities that are most likely to be exploited in the wild. This enables organizations to trim off weeks of exposure time and stay ahead of imminent threats with confidence.

Farsight vulnerability prioritization features 

Risk based vulnerability management prediction

More than CVSS

Identify low to high risks based on hacker centric behavior and historical data, providing actionable insights through trusted vulnerability data analytics to prioritize remediation decisions

Risk based vulnerability management - user friendly

Fully integrated, real time insights

Risk based vulnerability data fits seamlessly into our network security solution, continuously updating in real time to help you adapt the risk scenarios that matter most to your business

vulnerability risk scoring

Predictive and proactive

Rich data and industry leading algorithms to provide highly accurate predictive risk scoring to focus your remediation efforts, that's easily correlated across internal and external network vulnerabilities

better prioritization

Smarter and faster decisions

Predictive risk ratings accurately reflect the most likely vulnerabilities to be exploited (or already exploited). empowering greater proactivity and patch management to reduce overall risk

vulnerability risk scoring

Risk score = likelihood to exploit

The risk scores span a range between 1.00 and 38.50 with 1.00 posing no known higher risk than any CVE that are not exploited, and increase by the number of times more likely, so 20.0 equal 20x more likely

better prioritization

Evidence based, with high accuracy

Using machine learning, Farsight extracts threat intelligence for weaponized exploits, and combines hacker intelligence and historical data to predict the likelihood

Benefits of risk based vulnerability prioritization

full stack assassment

No more CVE chaos

The sheer volume of vulnerabilities security professionals have to deal with everyday poses a significant challenge to resource and time to patch. Learn how to narrow down high risk CVEs by focusing on exploit availability and threat context beyond CVSS

HIAB integration managed services

Save time and cost

A vulnerability is only dangerous when being exploited. Find out how Farsight empower you to prioritize vulnerabilities that pose a true risk with machine learning insights, and stop wasting time and resource on vulnerabilities that don't get exploited

HIAB integration pen test

Risk burn down

There's a gap between the identification of vulnerabilities and the IT resource available to remediate within the timeframe hackers operate. Instead of CVSS or high profile threats you need to focus on the likelihood of a vulnerability being successfully weaponized

HIAB integration managed services

Managed Services

Our highly experienced technical experts partner with your organization throughout the initial implementation, scan and remediation reporting, and provide the most secure, efficient cost-effective recommendations to get you where you ought to be faster

"Outpost24 is simple yet gives us meaningful results for measuring and monitoring perimeter defenses" 

Security IT Manager, Mid Enterprise Financial Services Company

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