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Outscan - External Network Security Scanner

External network security scanner

OUTSCAN™ automates network scanning to diagnose external vulnerabilities and keep your security exposure at bay

Vulnerability management for external network

Whether you’re migrating workloads to the cloud, introducing mobile devices in the workplace increasingly complex networks grow the number of publicly known vulnerabilities—increasing your risk of attack by external forces.

OUTSCAN examines network perimeters, identifies vulnerabilities and provides actionable remedies with risk-based insights, effectively preventing cyber criminals from penetrating your network. By alerting you immediately upon detection of new threats, you can proactively reduce your attack surface and remain in compliance with CIS benchmarks and more.

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"Customer references note that [Outpost24] the product is flexible and easy to use. References were consistently happy with the support they received and the management of the product." 

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Outscan main features

scan scheduling

Scan Scheduling

OUTSCAN finds new assets and adds them to your regular vulnerability scans automatically. Helps you achieve a declining trend in your vulnerabilities

outscan target management

Dynamic Target Management

Effectively manage your assets by using dynamic groups to segment and map your targets, for example, by location, business unit or asset owner. Using meaningful categorizations, you improve efficiency

event notification

Instant Events Notification

Receive real-time notifications for critical vulnerabilities as they are discovered to expedite remediations when new risks appear. Seamless Integration with 3rd party SIEM products ensures you never missed a potential threat again


Solution-based Reporting

Our detailed reports help identify and filter your security priorities, as well as providing actionable insights on how to resolve vulnerability issues. With different levels of detail, you can share the information with other stakeholders across the business

scanning less scanning

Scanning-less Scanning (SLS)

Our unique SLS technology takes a fingerprint of your network and alert you of potential new risks as they appear in between scans to keep you up to date 

outscan CVSS scoring

CVSS Scoring and beyond

Using industry standard CVSS rating and dynamic risk scoring, our tool enables automatic, standardized prioritization of risks for remediation. 

Related products and use cases

internal network security

Networks & Web App

Combine Outscan with HIAB and Scale to provide a single vulnerability view across internal / external networks and your applications

pci compliance

PCI Compliance

Outpost24 is a PCI certified Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) and offers OUTSCAN PCI to verify your PCI DSS compliance status

cloud security

Hybrid Cloud Ready

By combining Outscan and Cloudsec Inspect, we enable the assessment of owned infrastructure alongside multi-cloud environments to help optimize security spend

soc integration

SOC Integration

Outpost24 integrates with common security technologies such as SIEM, IAM and CMDB to help streamline operation and share relevant information

"The most significant value we’ve realized since using Outpost24 is the ability to more clearly view the impact and severity of risks that we are exposed to" 

Security Manager, Global Media & Entertainment Company

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network security webinar

Network Security Webinar

external network security whitepaper


outscan datasheet

Outscan Datasheet

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