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Real-time cyber threat intelligence - Blueliv Threat Compass

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Cyber threats and ransomware are everywhere. Our modular Cyber Threat Intelligence solutions collect, process and analyse threat actor motives and behavior in real time, helping you make smarter decisions to combat external threats specific to your organization or industry - before they happen

Cyber Threat Intelligence for Banking & Finance

Lazarus Group, Cobalt Gang and FIN7 are the worst threat actors targeting the financial services sector. Our Follow the Money report 2022 highlights the most common cyberthreats facing Banking & Financial Services and how threat intelligence can reduce risk of credential theft, phishing and ransomware.

Bespoke, modular setup for any use case
threat intelligence

Threat context

Improve team productivity thanks to cyber threat intelligence

secure code


Retrieve your compromised credentials in real-time

threat intelligence against dark web

Dark web

Boost your awareness of what's going on underground in the dark web

threat intelligence for credit cards

Credit cards

Recover stolen credit card and bank information in real-time

threat intelligence against hacktivism


Protect your networks and employees from social-born attacks

threat intelligence for mobile

Mobile apps

Monitor and detect false, infected, modified, and copied apps

threat intelligence for media

Social media

Monitor your organization's digital footprint in social media

threat intelligence for data leakage

Data leakage

Detect leaked information from employees & third parties

threat intelligence for domain protection

Domain protection

Be aware of and track illegitimate entities and domains

MRTI feed

MRTI feed

Access millions of IOCs in real-time and manage threats more efficiently

Detect faster

Unique external threats and exfiltrated information. The broadest threat collection capability on the market, delivered in real-time.

Analyze, correlate and manage more effectively

Targeted, accurate and actionable Threat Intelligence powered by machine learning. All your threats, just your threats – with no false positives.

Orchestrate and remediate faster

Benefit from Blueliv playbooks; Stay one step ahead and remove illegitimate websites, social media mentions, mobile apps and exfiltrated data.

Do more, with less

Empower your security teams to efficiently hunt threats with limited resources – combining human expertise with machine learning.

Cyber Threat Intelligence made easy

Modular, multi-tenant, subscription-based solution. Configure, deploy, and get results in a matter of minutes.

Connect and share

Easily integrate your results with your existing solutions and share intelligence with peers and trusted parties.

How it works


We continuously search the open, deep, and dark web to discover customer-specific threat information, using automated technology for speed and scale. We retrieve and deliver this intelligence in a modular format, giving our customers a straightforward way to confront external cyberthreats and manage their digital risk.

Actionable threat intelligence to fight cyberattacks effectively

Our threat intelligence solution enabled one of the world's largest telecomms companies, Telefónica to provide specific, predictive, actionable intelligence to their clients for accelerated decision making. Our Threat Compass solution is easy to deploy, easy to set up, and easy to operate and Telefónica were able to see results in minutes.

Nikolaos Tsouroulas, Head of Cybersecurity Product Management , Telefonica

“We wanted to go a step further and gain the ability to detect and analyze external cyber threats before they affect clients’ businesses, and we needed a way to turn that ability into a global, scalable service offering.”

Better security posture starts here

Accelerating performance through fast threat detection and dynamic response

  • Detect: The broadest threat collection on the market, delivered in real-time
  • Analyze: Actionable and trustworthy information for faster decision-making
  • Respond: Timely and dynamic intelligence simplifies the remediation processthreat intelligence solution dashbord


Threat Intelligence MSSP program

Modular services, flexible business model for different types of partnership

Open new revenue streams using world-class threat intelligence modules from Blueliv, an Outpost24 company - the only threat intelligence company to deliver truly modular and actionable threat information in real-time, straight out-of-the-box.

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