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Stolen credit cards detection and retrieval

Recover stolen credit card information in real-time to prevent large scale fraud and protect your customers

Threat Intelligence for Retail & Ecommerce guide

In this whitepaper, we detail issues facing the sector and how threat intelligence can mitigate the impact of a cyberattack:

  • Why is the retail sector targeted?
  • How can you manage the cyber-risk?
  • Role & benefits of Threat Intelligence

Credit card fraud is being carried out on an industrial scale, and protecting customer and employee data should be of paramount importance.

Detect and retrieve compromised credit cards from infected POS and underground forums to protect your customers and help prevent fraud.

The Credit Card Theft module flags malicious activity in real-time, reducing the potential impact of fraud and attempted fraud on your bottom line.


The window of opportunity for criminals to commit fraud, protecting your customers and VIPs.


Insurance costs, demonstrating due diligence in credit card fraud mitigation.


Protect your brand reputation and ensure a trustworthy customer experience.

Detect and retrieve stolen credit cards

Learn in real-time about stolen customer credit cards before they’re sold on the Dark Web, and block them regardless of how they were compromised.

Identify compromised POS devices

Protect end clients, detect infected POS.

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Actionable threat intelligence to fight cyberattacks effectively

Recover stolen credit card information in real-time Business trust depends on it Dig deep enough and you can find all sorts of credit data online. This module, especially helpful for organizations in the financial sector; can dramatically reduce losses from theft and fraud of credit cards. Our unique and patented methodology retrieves stolen credit card data and provides the necessary information to help organizations mitigate the damage.

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Emilio Bansale, , Jr. SOC Manager MEEZA
We’ve been using Blueliv’s Credentials Module for some years now. The solution is very low maintenance and only takes a fraction of the team’s time, but the results we get are hugely valuable. Within days we have unique access to stolen credentials before they are used by criminals. This helps us to proactively protect the company and demonstrate the value of my team to senior management

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Accelerating performance through fast threat detection and dynamic response

  • Detect: The broadest threat collection on the market, delivered in real-time
  • Analyze: Actionable and trustworthy information for faster decision-making
  • Respond: Timely and dynamic intelligence simplifies the remediation processthreat intelligence solution dashbord


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