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Domain intelligence protection

Track illegitimate entities and enhance domain protection

Dark Commerce - Exploring the cybercrime industry and its business models

Inside the report there is information for analysts and CISOs to help:

  • Put in place effective defensive measures appropriate to your business size and security maturity
  • Identify patterns between cybercrime services, so security teams can assign priorities faster
  • Enhance threat actor profiling through interrelated intelligence on cybercrime services

Domain protection

Phishing attacks are one of the most common methods used to steal valuable personal information.

This module arms your organization against Phishing and Cybersquatting with cyber threat intelligence around attempts to steal employee information or compromise your organization’s assets.


Minimize fraud losses associated with phishing campaigns


Protect your brand reputation


Improve your employee and customer confidence

Real time phishing detection

Detect and monitor phishing sites disguised as genuine or trusted entities and reduce fraud losses

Detect similar domains

Get alerts for domain registrations and identify similar domains that can potentially be used to replace your company’s assets

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Credit cards

Recover stolen credit card and bank information in real-time

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Retrieve your compromised credentials in real-time

threat intelligence

Threat context

Improve team productivity thanks to cyber threat intelligence

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Mobile apps

Monitor and detect false, infected, modified, and copied apps

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Protect your networks and employees from social-born attacks

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Social media

Monitor your organization's digital footprint in social media

threat intelligence for data leakage

Data leakage

Detect leaked information from employees & third parties

MRTI feed

MRTI feed

Access millions of IOCs in real-time and manage threats more efficiently

Actionable threat intelligence to fight cyberattacks effectively

Our Domain Protection module combats both phishing and cybersquatting attacks by proactively detecting attempts to acquire sensitive information.

This intelligence allows for countermeasures to be taken to protect your organization and your end customers.

bbva logo
Jose Ignacio Guarrido Gonzalez , Head of Global BBVA CERT

“Since implementation in June 2013, BBVA has detected stolen data cards, identified stolen credentials, reported unique Trojans targeting online banking customers.”

Better security posture starts here

Accelerating performance through fast threat detection and dynamic response

  • Detect: The broadest threat collection on the market, delivered in real-time
  • Analyze: Actionable and trustworthy information for faster decision-making
  • Respond: Timely and dynamic intelligence simplifies the remediation processthreat intelligence solution dashbord


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