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Data leakage detection

Discover your sensitive data leaked in the wild

How the Pharma industry can mitigate digital risks as criminals leverage Emotet during Covid-19

This report provides invaluable insights into the threat actors by region, the tools most commonly used, and how to mitigate against these risks as it takes a look not only at the current Coronavirus crisis, but the wider state of pharmaceutical industry’s security. We are able to monitor Emotet activity and detect the specific victim being targeted.

Data leakage prevention

You’d probably want to know if confidential information about your organization was publicly available online.

The Data Leakage module monitors cloud repositories, public folders and peer-to-peer networks for data that could represent leaked confidential or sensitive information, enabling you to ensure compliance standards, maintain a resilient BYOD policy and a healthy reputation.


Detect information leaked by employees and third parties, such as consultants or auditors.


Enhance your security posture and identify data bypassing your existing DLP controls.


Minimize losses incurred from leaked intellectual property and mitigate potential data privacy compliance penalties, such as GDPR.

Data loss detection

Get automated alerts for leaked corporate assets that could lead to a negative impact on your business

Quickly analyze documentation

Identify leaked confidential and sensitive information where third parties may be responsible, such as outsourced consultants, auditors and other partners

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Actionable threat intelligence to fight cyberattacks effectively

Using our advanced Data Leakage detection module, discover if your organization's sensitive documents have been leaked on the internet deep web or P2P networks.

You can also discover unintentional data leakage, such as when employees have been prepared for internal presentations on a web service or shared internal documents with poorly-secured file-sharing providers.

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Jose Ignacio Guarrido Gonzalez , Head of Global BBVA CERT

“Since implementation in June 2013, BBVA has detected stolen data cards, identified stolen credentials, reported unique Trojans targeting online banking customers.”

Better security posture starts here

Accelerating performance through fast threat detection and dynamic response

  • Detect: The broadest threat collection on the market, delivered in real-time
  • Analyze: Actionable and trustworthy information for faster decision-making
  • Respond: Timely and dynamic intelligence simplifies the remediation processthreat intelligence solution dashbord


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