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Detect and deter external threats to your business with Threat Compass, our modular cyber threat intelligence solution. Threat Compass covers the broadest range of threats on the market and delivers actionable intelligence to maximize incident response performance. Empower your security teams with a central point of control for automated, operational, tactical, and strategic threat intelligence.

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About Threat Compass

Each Threat Compass module is backed up by our world-class in-house analyst team, and can be acquired and used individually giving you the flexibility to choose the intelligence that is most relevant to your business. Enrich and contextualize threats so you can defend your assets and understand your adversaries’ plans before they strike.


Detect and retrieve your compromised credentials in real-time.

Credit Cards

Find stolen customer credit cards, bank information, and infected POS devices.

Data Leakage

Detect leaked documents and information from employees & third parties.

Domain Protection

Combat phishing and cybersquatting attacks with automated detection of malicious sites.

Dark Web

Track and monitor your organization’s footprint on the Dark Web.


Monitor global social borne hacktivism operations and protect your networks and employees from potential attacks.

Mobile Apps

Discover false, infected, modified, and non-compliant use of your business apps.


Access millions of IOCs in real-time and manage threats more efficiently.

Social Media

Track your organization’s digital footprint, including unauthorized use of brands, logos, and assets.

Threat Explorer

Threat Explorer

Mitigate and prioritize risks with advanced vulnerability intelligence and custom alerting.

Threat Context

Prepare your perimeter against attacks with contextual intelligence around threat actors, campaigns, Indicators of Compromise (IOCs), and more.


  • 13+ years of historical threat data
  • Data gathering from open, closed, and private sources
  • Human-verified delivery that minimizes false positives
  • Big data analytics with context and underlying details
  • Malware threat scoring and classification
  • STIX/TAXII threat data integration and information sharing
  • Plugins available for SIEMs, SOAR, and TIPs
  • Dynamic risk-scoring system to feed vulnerability management programs via API
  • Flexible business model for different partnerships, including MSSP programs
  • Ongoing partnership with Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA)

How Threat Compass Works

We continuously search the open, deep, and dark web to discover customer-specific threat information, using automated technology for speed and scale. We retrieve and deliver this intelligence in a modular format, giving customers a straightforward way to confront external cyberthreats and manage their digital risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of threats can a cyber threat intelligence solution protect against?

A cyber threat intelligence solution can help businesses identify the threats that are targeting them, and reduce incident response times. It can also identify if a compromise has already occurred.

How does Threat Compass differ from other threat intelligence solutions?

Threat Compass covers a broad range of threats on the market. With its pay-as-you-need modular architecture, you can choose the modules that are most relevant for your business.

How does Threat Compass identify compromised credentials?

Threat Compass can detect both leaked credentials in underground markets, and stolen credentials obtained by malware. Our infrastructure of sinkholes, honeypots, crawlers, and sensors are continuously searching, and can also capture credentials obtained by malware in real-time.

How quickly can I configure Threat Compass and get results?

You can configure Threat Compass in a matter of minutes, and get high-impact results almost immediately. The cloud-based solution eliminates the need for software installations, or endpoints.

Does Threat Compass integrate with other platforms?

Threat Compass offers API integration with other systems. The solution also supports STIX/TAXII for easy information sharing between different data formats, and platforms.

Is Threat Compass a reliable source of threat intelligence?

Yes. Threat information in the Threat Compass platform is backed by human intelligence. Our in-house threat intelligence team, also known as KrakenLabs, is dedicated to providing and analyzing threat intelligence within our tool, such as Threat Actor profiles, IOCs, CVEs, attack patterns, signatures, and malware. This ensures that all the information delivered to you is timely, accurate and of the highest quality.

“We wanted to go a step further and gain the ability to detect and analyze external cyber threats before they affect clients’ businesses, and we needed a way to turn that ability into a global, scalable service offering.”
Nikolaos Tsouroulas Telefonica
“Since implementation in June 2013, BBVA has detected stolen data cards, identified stolen credentials, reported unique Trojans targeting online banking customers.”
Ignacio Guarrido Gonzalez BBVA

Success Stories

Threat Compass enabled one of the world’s largest telecom companies, Telefónica to provide specific, predictive, and actionable intelligence to their clients for accelerated decision making.

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ISO 27002 puts threat intelligence center stage
ISO 27002 puts threat intelligence center stage
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The updated ISO 27002 adds 11 new controls spanning a range of security services, including the addition of threat intelligence control 5.7.
Minimizing intrusion detection time with cyber threat intelligence
Minimizing intrusion detection time with cyber threat intelligence
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In an era defined by pervasive connectivity, businesses of all sizes find themselves grappling with an escalating threat of cyber-attacks. In their latest report, M-Trends highlighted an interesting trend: the global median dwell time, or the period required for a victim to detect an intrusion, dropped from 21 days in 2021 to 16 days in […]