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Container Security

Container Security

Discover, monitor and continuously secure containers from your CI/CD pipeline to runtime production environments.

Understand your shared responsibility

Reducing the container attack surface

We run a set of test issue from standard checklist recommendations:

  • CIS Docker Benchmarks and the SANS Checklist include an overview of results gathered from host configuration settings, Docker daemon settings, container images, runtime settings, and other Docker security settings.
  • As adoption of this technology grows and the technology evolves, it is necessary to be updated with standardized checklists to Docker security based on the latest tools and recommendations. 

container security guides

Security as a Service for container Security

identify container security breaches


Security analysis are based on Docker benchmark from Center for Internet Security and best security practices for container environment. Our solution is able to identify all new vulnerabilities thanks to daily update vulnerability databases. Cloudsec Inspect automatically tests new container images for the vulnerability, ensuring continuous protection

Dynamic Inventory’ automatically checks new assets and tracks shadow-IT


Get a comprehensive and understandable reports with your cyber risk exposure. Thanks to our key risk indicators you will be able to address first the critical vulnerabilities on your sensitive assets.
Customized reports included solution to help your security team.

remediate container security breaches

Continuous monitoring

identify container security breaches


Organization should continuously monitor that all applications are properly updated and secured.
Our solution monitor container for vulnerabilities, best practices compliance and policy violations. Integrate with continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) systems to support DevOps practices, strengthen security and support enterprise policy compliance.

Identify your container security risks

Docker CIS implementation

Implementation of Docker CIS benchmark

real time alert docker

Real-time alerts on configuration issues

scanning and automation

Agentless Scanning & Automation

Get started your container security monitoring

A better visibility for CISO, fewer headaches for your team. You'll be set up in minutes.

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