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Microsoft Azure Security

Continuous security posture management solution for your cloud workloads

Understand your shared responsibility with Azure

You can’t protect what you can’t see. So, increasing visibility is a foundational step to take control.

Deploying applications and data in cloud infrastructures does not protect you from vulnerabilities and weakness in applications and data, because the cloud provider is not responsible for the security of your Workloads.

Cloud infrastructures are elastic, scalable and automated. Workloads have their own vulnerabilities and they are risky assets because traditional security solutions do not integrate Cloud Workload Protection technology.

Furthermore, the scale and concentration of workloads bring greater attraction to hackers. And on top of that, developers are reusing code and templates and are not aware of security best practices with new cloud services.

To address these new requirements, you need a new solution and approach.

shared responsibility model Microsoft Azure security

Security as a Service for Azure Security

shared responsibility model AWS

Most security systems react to attacks. We prevent attacks happening.

Fighting attacks on your assets can be resource intensive. And when you’re defending your system there’s no guarantee of success.

At Outpost24 we believe that it’s better to close all vulnerabilities so intruders are deterred. Continuous vulnerabilities assessment is the most important task to be performed as the foundation of your security perimeter.

Our cloud solution builds an efficient, adaptive and continuously updated line of defense around your environment and provides barriers to known weaknesses exploited by hackers.

We monitor every component of your cloud network 24/7 for the latest vulnerabilities.

Dynamic Inventory’ automatically checks new assets and tracks shadow-IT

As organizations move to some form of cloud infrastructure, they need the same visibility, compliance, detection & response capabilities as they have for their traditional infrastructure.

Furthermore, cloud infrastructure can be more complex and challenging for organizations due to its dynamic nature, automation, and new terminology which makes detection and investigation more difficult.

Our patented technology automatically starts security testing the auto-discovered infrastructure and assets, including VMs and Security Groups.

From virtual servers to website applications, Cloudsec Inspect keeps you covered. Any new servers are immediately detected and kept under surveillance without configuration, and there’s no agent to install so our solution runs itself.

Even dormant instances are checked, as these can provide ‘side door’ access to your resources when they are re-started.

Continuous monitoring for misconfigurations

microsoft azure security reporting

CIS Microsoft Azure Foundations Security Benchmark provides guidance to set up a secure baseline configuration for Microsoft Azure. This guide was tested against the listed Azure services as on Feb-2018. The scope of this benchmark is to establish the foundation level of security for anyone adopting Microsoft Azure Cloud.

The Cloud Security Alliance Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM) is specifically designed to provide fundamental security principles to guide cloud vendors and to assist prospective cloud customers in assessing the overall security risk of a cloud provider. 

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