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Spring 2020 Product Release

We’ve delivered some major new product features in our spring release to help you manage vulnerabilities more effectively and maintain security hygiene across the full technology stack. At a glance we have seven new features and enhancements to highlight to customers

Highlights in Spring Release

What's New:

Network security solution

  • Network Security: Windows 10 Agents 
  • Network Security: Changes to How We Report Netsec Findings
  • Network Security: Report Library available within the Outpost24 Portal
  • Network Security: Introduced Task Progress Manager 
  • Network Security: Business risk available in Farsight
  • Network Security: ServiceNow App update

Windows 10 Agents

With the spring release we are pleased to announce the Outpost24 Agent for Windows 10. Agent based scanning provides our customers with comprehensive visibility and greater system efficiency than agentless scanning in several critical areas, such as network utilization, no credential or PAM integration requirement, assets using dynamic IPs, and of course, better zero trust support. Using agents deepens the scope of your vulnerability management assessments.The Outpost24 Agent is now available for Windows 10.

If you are interested in being among the first customers to use the Outpost24 Agent, please contact your Account Manager to have them enabled for your account.

Changes to How We Report Netsec Findings

Based on valuable feedback from our customers, we are working towards refactoring the way we report the port number for what we term 'Implied Vulnerabilities' where we may not be able to authenticate with the Operating System, but we can use other information gathered to make accurate assumptions. For example, we enumerated the version of Windows based on another service (HTTP, SNMP etc.) we would, by default, report the finding as TCP 445, because that is how you would find it on Windows, or TCP 22 for Linux. The problem has been that this port may not be available, and so we had the potential to cause some confusion if we reported findings on TCP 445, but that port was not seen in the port scan phase.

To overcome this, we are changing this from reporting the assumed port number instead to read Generic. We are working towards ensuring that this change has little impact on your workflows, and how we can ensure the continuation of Accepted Risks and False Positives across this change. Further updates will be provided during the completion of this change. 

Report Library available within the Outpost24 Portal

  • Introduced Report Library - The Portal now supports the ability for customers to add reports directly to a Report Library. Reports can be scheduled to be sent to the Report Library, rather than sent via email, for download at a later date. Reports can also be tagged to ensure full use of IAM controls for sharing reports.
  • RBAC/IAM, which had a limited release in February, is now available to all customers within the Portal.

Introduced Task Progress Manager

When performing a task on large amounts of data, such as Accepting Risks or Adding Targets, this can sometimes take a significant amount of time, holding up the UI and making it appear unresponsive or giving no clear indication when the task is completed. With the new Task Progress Manager, you will be given an on-screen notification and will be able to track progress in the 'Task Progress' section at the bottom of the UI.


To further improve our Threat intelligence capabilities we have added 2 further asset fields for Farsight customers, focusing on Business Risk and Asset Exposure

  • Added Business Risk – (Default's to Medium). Once the business risk has been given for an asset, it ensures focus on those assets which present the greatest risk to the business.
  • Added an exposed flag - An Internet exposed asset presents a greater risk to a business than an internal one. This will be triggered for all assets with an Internet addressable IP Address.

Combining the business risk with the exposure and likelihood fields, allows a customer to truly focus on remediating the issues they face on the assets that present the greatest risk

ServiceNow App Update

The Outpost24 ServiceNow app in the ServiceNow App Store has been certified for Madrid and New York

All other new features

  • Improvements to implementing backups on different HIAB architectures
  • Added support for PKCS8 for UI certificates
  • When deploying a HIAB virtual machine it is now only possible to enroll the LATEST version of a HIAB virtual machine. Trying to enroll an earlier version will result in an error. Future versions of HIAB virtual machine will be able to give a relevant error message, however, this is not possible with older versions. If you encounter an error when trying to register a new HIAB, please ensure you have the latest version before contacting support.
  • It is now possible to download HIAB Cloud Images for Azure and AWS from the UI in the same way as Virtual Machine's for VMWare and Hyper-V

Application security 

Introduction of Outpost24 Portal

Portal is the Outpost24 One-Stop shop for Appsec and Cloudsec. Rather than having separate menu items for each product, Appsec and Cloudsec customers can select Portal from the menu after login to access the new single interface for these and future Outpost24 products.

As part of the launch of the Portal, we have moved the menu items from the top of the UI to the left-hand side.  These menu items are the same as the previous apart from Automation which contains scan schedules and report schedules. It is now possible to automatically sort findings based on the last seen date.

Cloud security solution

Added supplementary information to Cloud Security compliance view

We’ve added supplementary information to the Cloudsec compliance view to provide additional value in the information provided, including any relevant notes, references, or CIS Controls.


Compliance and PCI scanning 

  • Added CIS Oracle Linux 6 Benchmark v1.1.0
  • Added CIS Apache2.4 Benchmark v1.5.0
  • Added CIS Kubernetes Benchmark v1.5.1
  • Added CIS Google Chrome v2.0.0


Fixes and Minor Enhancements:


  • Fixed a bug which could cause the IAM module to crash when trying to assign rights to a user without the necessary permissions.
  • Improved reliability when assigning IAM roles in bulk
  • Fixed an issue which may cause some scans to be stuck at the Reporting process and fail to progress.
  • Refined the schedule view to include Hours and Minutes
  • Both user initials are now shown in the user badge.


Network security solution

  • Added detection for Mandriva End Of Life
  • Added detection for TLS 1.3
  • Fixed an issue which can stop SLS running when Outscan RC is enabled
  • Fixed an issue which could affect maximum scan duration
  • Updated ASP.NET detection to allow for ASP.NET for Linux
  • Improved error messaging when uploading a key pair to HIAB
  • Improved handling of scan blueprints when they are uploaded to Outscan from HIAB
  • Fixed an issue which wouldn't allow certain report types to be automatically uploaded to Managed Reports
  • Fixed an issue with accepting multiple risks
  • Changed the confirmation wording when downloading a local copy of a HIAB backup
  • Fixed an issue where connecting to some 3rd party integrations using SSL may occasionally fail
  • Improved the handling of DNS lookups for speed and efficiency
  • Added detection for Adobe After Effects
  • Added detection for Adobe Media Encoder
  • Added detection for ActiveMQ
  • Improved detection for Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio 2019
  • Improved implementation for updating Fedora detection
  • Fixed an issue when exporting reports where not all of the information may have been included in the Excel report
  • Fixed an issue where having over 100 Scan Schedules meant any selected scans outside the first 100 were not visible as selected
  • Fixed an issue where setting a port scan range to a very large number of ports may cause an error due to the large value
  • Fixed an issue where on occasions the Remote SSH Console could not be assigned to a specific interface
  • Fixed an issue where a detailed PDF report cannot be generated if the gathered information is exceptionally large
  • Fixed an issue where the Discovery Scan may ignore a TCP-RST response Fixed an issue where password reset mails were incorrectly formed for HIAB's deployed in AWS.
  • Fixed an issue where folders structure was not displayed correctly for subusers being granted access to asset groups.
  • Fixed an issue where discovered agents in the Ungrouped target group may not get scanned.
  • Updated identification for WindowsKernel 10.0 based operating systems where they may be incorrectly identified as Windows 10.
  • Fixed an issue where some HIAB architectures would not get a full update during the offline update process.
  • Fixed an issue which can cause a HIAB to be stuck in a state where it cannot be updated if an incomplete offline update package is used.
  • Auditing has been improved to now include relevant sub account information when adding new targets.
  • Improved Apache Struts detection.
  • Fixed an issue where a sub account user could not run a Discovery Scan against a network range they had permission to scan.
  • Improved Ubuntu detection.
  • Fixed an issue where Agent logging will fail if the log directory does not already exist.
  • Added authenticated detection for OpenWRT.
  • Added detection for Sophos XG Firewall.
  • Improved Nginx backporting detection when installed on RHEL.



  • Likelihood rating has now been restricted to 2 decimal places to improve usability
  • Fixed an issue where the filter settings do not carry across to the other tabs in Reporting Tools



  • Fixed an issue with network tests on HIAB which may never complete if some connections are unsuccessful
  • Fixed an issue where Compliance Only scans were not being registered correctly for usage statistics
  • Improved Appsec asset definition to avoid confusion. and will now be seen as a single asset
  • Fixed an issue where the number of live HIAB's may be incorrectly reported if one HIAB was offline.


Application security solution

  • Fixed an issue where some translated text was not reflected in exported Scale reports
  • Fixed an issue in detailed reports where under certain circumstances the total number of risks would be 0
  • Improved detection of LFI's.
  • Fixed an issue with SWAT Dashboards where the trend did not always match the trend in the exported PDF
  • Changed the way we report OWASP Top 10 compliance if we were not able to check for a specific entry 
  • Fixed an issue where creating a Scale configuration on a HIAB will allow it to be assigned to a non-existent scanner, resulting in an error.
  • Fixed an issue that didn't display any indicator that authentication was enabled for Scale if Selenuim was being used


Cloud security solution

  • Improved AWS Foundations benchmark
  • Fixed an issue where a parsing error may be displayed, rather than the results for an individual hardening requirement
  • Improved the report order for exported reports to improve readability Improved logic in AWS policy
  • Improved checks withing AWS policy for CloudTrail auditing.
  • Fixed an issue where clearing out all selected assets in Compliance doesn't uncheck all of the selected checkboxes.
  • The columns 'First failed' and 'Last failed' have been added to the Compliance view.
  • Added notes, rationale, references and CIS Controls to Compliance information


  • Updated version of the RestAPI Spec file
  • Added /resource groups to restrict user access to Scale assets
  • Added /scheduled-reports


Watch our Spring Release 2020 demo - a quick walk through of what's new

*Video correction (4.04): The Outpost24 ServiceNow app in the ServiceNow App Store is certified for Madrid and New York only (not Kingston, Jakarta and Istanbul)

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