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MSSP Partners

partner acadi-ti



ACADI-TI is a company specialized in training and consulting in Information Technology and Security, aimed at companies of different sizes and markets, as well as professionals who seek to develop their technical skills.

partner Avivatec



With 12 years in the market, Avivatec is a technology company specialized in conducting business for the digital world. The service cover the entire digital transformation process, including transformation consultancy, digital platforms, infrastructure and cloud management and information security. In addition to being certified for the last three consecutive years as a Great Place to Work (GPTW)

partner Deserv



Our mission is to develop, produce and sell products and services for IT, keeping the focus on quality, cost reduction and mainly contributing to the productivity of your company.

partner Gruppen IT

Gruppen IT


Gruppen it is a broad information technology solutions company. With more than 15 years delivering professional services to customers in all industries, we have been proved our expertise with a highest satisfaction level. Our team is formed by experts in several technologies, and our portfolio has been increasing last years in order to offer the most wide set of information security solutions. Following market trends, we have cyber security solutions in a SaaS model, with national cover

partner ICTS Protiviti

ICTS Protiviti


ICTS Protiviti is a Brazilian company that combines the security, efficiency and independence of ICTS' digital platform of specialized services (whistleblowing channel, third-party due diligence, monitoring frauds and unethical behavior, and online training) with Protiviti's global reach and knowledge and innovation in risk management, compliance, data protection and privacy, internal audit and corporate investigation.

partner konfido



Konfido was formed by professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the Brazilian information technology market. We started in Brazilian information technology market by designing and providing full support to all types of companies and always offering intelligent and complete IT solutions, maintaining an agile structure with all types of demand according to the needs of each company

partner munio security

Munio Security


Munio Security protects against "operational interruptions" caused by "Cyber threats, malicious insiders and human errors", providing visibility, control and protection

partner sofistic cybersecurity

Sofistic Cybersecurity


Sofistic manages the cybersecurity of different types of companies, such as financial institutions and critical infrastructure, such as airports, energy companies and other critical environments of high sensitivity. As leaders in cybersecurity, we have our SOC 24x7 distributed in 2 continents prepared to maintain the service against meteorological risks, catastrophes or massive attacks.
We have collaborated with incident response centers and government intelligence entities in different countries. We have also developed systems to protect against fraud, cyberintelligence and cyber defense strategies, and we have investigated technological crimes together with different authorities

partner Sun Bytes Solutions

Sun Bytes Solutions


Sun Bytes Solutions is a full-service IT provider. Services range from complete remote management of all business IT services and consultancy. Sun Bytes strive to relieve the burden of IT management and enabling optimal utilization of IT resources.  

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