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External network security - OUTSCAN

Network Scanner for external vulnerabilities

OUTSCAN™ is an automated SaaS security scanner that enables organizations to diagnose their external network vulnerabilities and secure sensitive data. OUTSCAN examines network perimeters, identifies vulnerabilities and sorts actionable remedies, effectively preventing cyber criminals from penetrating your network. By alerting you immediately upon detection of new threats, you remain in control and can maintain business continuity.

Highest Possible Vulnerability Scanner Accuracy
Intelligent Technology With Remediation Information
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Market Landscape

As all organizations increase their dependency on timely, correct and confidential information, their exposure to risk increases. Coupled with increased transparency, and a need to communicate and integrate, this further increases the surface area of attack for intruders. Historically, online and network security technologies such as anti-malware, IDS systems and log monitoring detected infections and attack signatures, only requiring action after an incident occurred. Unlike physical assets, digitally the damage is done as soon as confidentiality is breached. And, as technology and software evolve, the complexity of networks grows and the amount of publicly known vulnerabilities increases. Reactive security tools and time-consuming manual vulnerability management are no longer sufficient security measures. As security breaches can be crippling to an organization– proactive solutions are crucial.

Get Started

OUTSCAN™ is available on-demand and immediately deployable as a SaaS solution. This tool is suitable for organizations of any size and can also be integrated and packaged with HIAB™, our vulnerability management solution for internal network security, as well as our Web Application Scanner (SWAT™) tool. Your dedicated account manager will help you define a solution that meets your unique business requirements.

Outpost24 offers OUTSCAN as a stand-alone tool, accompanied with implementation service or packaged as a fully managed service by our team of technical experts.

As with all Outpost24 tools, personal, direct support is available 24/7.

For more information, questions, purchasing or evaluation, find your local sales office.

OUTSCAN Implementation & Managed Services

Outpost24 offers OUTSCAN™ as a stand-alone tool, accompanied with implementation service, or packaged as a fully managed service. OUTSCAN can also be integrated and packaged with HIAB™, our vulnerability management solution for internal network security, as well as our Web Application Scanner (SWAT™) tool or other services.

Implementation Services

For organizations that prefer to trust professionals to establish proper set-up, Outpost24 offers OUTSCAN™ accompanied by implementation service, deployed quickly and on demand by one of Outpost24’s technology experts.

With our implementation service, Outpost24 aligns your goals with insight on vulnerability management best practices in a custom implementation plan. When you are ready to deploy, our technology team will handle all aspects of configuration and the initiation of features. As with all Outpost24 tools, support is available 24/7 from our team of qualified technology experts.

Read more about Managed Services.

Managed Services

Outpost24 offers a full-service alternative to internal management of vulnerability assessments, reducing the cost and time needed to hire, train and manage an in-house IT security team. Regardless of business size, Outpost24’s Managed Service will seamlessly integrate the vulnerability management solution that meets the needs of your organization.

Managed Service allows you to quickly and easily adopt a vulnerability management program with constant support of vulnerability management experts, so that you can focus on your core business. Our team of highly experienced technical experts will partner with your organization throughout the initial implementation, scan and remediation reporting, and provide the most secure, efficient cost-effective recommendations. As your organization establishes processes and adopts best practices, we maintain ultimate flexibility and allow you to oversee your vulnerability management program internally.

Read more about Managed Services.


External network security

Securing Icelands largest bank from scanning to business risk management
“Outpost24 in a league of their own in the vulnerability scanning arena”
“We needed to get a true picture of our vulnerabilities if we wanted to eradicate them and have a secure environment
Service Description
Identify, categorize, manage, and report on network-attached Information Technology (IT) assets and their security vulnerabilities such as insecure system configurations or missing security updates.
Reference case

"We acknowledge that security is a part of the business we do - so why not go for the best.”

Hákon Åkerlund
IT Security Manager at Landsbankinn

Combine the best of both worlds for speed, accuracy, and depth in an agile DevOps process.
Penetration Testing
Manual testing by experienced and knowledgeable ethical hackers
Appsec Scale
Continuously test your applications for faster business results.
PCI Compliance
Credit payments are quick and hassle-free. Compliance checks should be too.
Internal Network Security
Identify vulnerabilities across servers, workstations and other devices connected to the network.
Managed Services
Outpost24 Managed Services help organizations achieve Vulnerability Management Success

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