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Customers feedback - Cloud Security

Over 2,000 customers around the world trust Outpost24 to assess their devices, networks, applications, cloud and container environments and report compliance status 

Outpost24's Cloud security solution reviewed and awarded by

Outpost24 team is pleased to share with you the review that the independent team of has conducted on our Cloud security solution, Elastic Workload Protector.

After studying the product, Elastic Workload Protector features, services and technology, FinancesOnline gave us the global mark of 8 on 10 to and also gives us two awards: the Rising Star 2018 Award and the Great User Experience Award

cloud security product feedback

FinancesOnline underlined features and specificities of EWP like its "detailed reporting and KRI, giving you specific details so you can devise and implement viable and effective action plans.” The solution "enables users to comply with cloud best security practices and cleans servers out with its unique cloning feature, implements diagnosis in the server clone and keeps the original production server untouched to reduce business disruption,” remarked FinancesOnline’s review team.

About the awards

The Great User Experience and Rising Star awards for 2018 indicate that Elastic Workload Protector is a reliable cloud migration security platform. Reviewed under their best Cloud management software category, Elastic Workload Protector was praised by FinancesOnline for enabling users to easily get a “whole picture of your infrastructure and the threats that can affect your processes and operations.” Additionally, users also benefit from “faster and smoother” business operations. This is why we qualified for the Great User Experience award, granted to SaaS tools that provide great ease of use in facilitating one’s work processes. FinancesOnline also discerned our solution as a Rising Star for 2018 due to our increasing popularity on the market and stellar reputation with users.

Discover FinancesOnline's review  and write your own about Elastic Workload Protector if you already know the solution.

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