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Nils Thulin
If you had a valuable storage deposit with a fence around it would you not like to know if there was a hole in it?
Nils Thulin
If you look at your company network as a company car you know that every now and then you will have to drive the car to the motor vehicle inspection.
After the inspection you get a list of what type of defects the car has and how severe the defects are.
Victoria Sigurdsson
Our company already use Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems, and other Security Solutions. Why do we need Vulnerability Management?

SecludIT, now part of Outpost24
Let's start by saying that Docker is great, for many reasons. To mention one, the possibility of using a simple and lightweight tool to manage and deploy apps during all phases of their lifecycle.
Martin Jartelius
Security teams won’t be using file integrity monitoring (FIM) as their first line of defence for network protection. Tools like daily vulnerability audits and twice-yearly penetration testing will be the main border control assets that you employ. But just like a country can find it has leaky borders, it’s good practice to make sure that your IT assets don’t have any blackhat activities lurking within your network. And one of the final ways of checking every neighbourhood in your network is FIM.
Martin Jartelius and John Stock

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