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SecludIT, now part of Outpost24
Improve Security of Docker, Containers, and Microservices with a security expert from Outpost24 to understand the risk and vulnerabilities associated with the new technology.
SecludIT, now part of Outpost24
Many companies are wondering about the Google Cloud Platform security. We are here trying to answer your questions about it.
SecludIT, now part of Outpost24
Learn more about our Top 10 Microsoft Azure security best practices to continuously secure your cloud environment from cyber-attacks.
SecludIT, now part of Outpost24
Build and improve your DevOps Cycle with an innovative cloud security solution: Elastic Workload Protector. Detect all your cloud vulnerability with our all-in-one solution
SecludIT, now part of Outpost24
Find how AWS partner security solution - Amazon Inspector - works with Elastic Workload Protector to improve your cloud security
SecludIT, now part of Outpost24
How to address Docker Vulnerabilities, Failures and Issues with your DevOps team? Improve your Docker security with a vulnerability tool.
SecludIT, now part of Outpost24
Enterprises are migrating to IaaS due to flexibility and speed. However, IaaS brings new security challenges
SecludIT, now part of Outpost24
DevSecOps give the better answer to improve Cloud security and containers security. Companies need fully automated solution for their IaaS environment
SecludIT, now part of Outpost24
Common beliefs that IaaS providers are responsible for the security of customer workloads, are wrong. The shared responsibility model for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) means that enterprises have to adapt traditional security to secure cloud based workloads. A cloud workload is a discrete capability or amount of work you’d like to run on a Cloud instance. It can be a web server, a container or an hadoop node for example.
Rafael Alfaro
A web application including authentication usually allows the user access to various types of information. By the same token, several web applications provide advanced features that are assigned through different access levels.

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