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Srinivasan Jayaraman, Vulnerability Research Manager
CPU bugs Meltdown and Spectre were discovered earlier this week which could allow hackers to read sensitive information stored in a system's memory. Find out what they are and what can be done about these widespread vulnerabilities
Simon Roe, Product Manager at Outpost24
The second part of the OWASP Top 10 2013/17 comparison list with tips and advice to remediate vulnerabilities such as sensitive data exposure, broken access controls, security misconfigurations and cross site scripting (XSS).
Simon Roe, Product Manager at Outpost24
In December 2017 several security researchers discovered that an old vulnerability – namely the Bleichenbachers Oracle Threat had resurfaced after first being discovered 19 years ago in 1989. This recurring vulnerability, now called ROBOT, affects the TLS (Transport Layer Protocol) in a way that could lead to the disclosure of private information caused by discrepancies between valid and invalid PKCS#1 padding.
Simon Roe, Product Manager at Outpost24
After analysing data from over 40 application security vendors, 100’s of individuals and 10,000’s of real world applications and API’s – OWASP released the new OWASP top 10 for 2017, the first major update since 2013. Four years later, what have changed?
SecludIT, now part of Outpost24
Here you can discover our 7 tips to migrate to the Cloud and effectively monitor your security with a Cloud monitoring solution.
Simon Rawet and Kristian Varnai
Security researchers from the Outpost24 SWAT team, Simon Rawet and Kristian Varnai, have identified and reported numerous vulnerabilities in BMC Remedy. The vulnerabilities range from relatively benign to full remote code execution without authentication.
SecludIT, now part of Outpost24
More than 300,000 vulnerable websites due to Wordpress Statistics. Also, all those using the famous CMS and who have not yet done the 4.8.2 update are vulnerable to no less than 9 security vulnerabilities. Constantly exposed, and while users attach an increasing importance to their data security, companies are struggling to remain protected.
SecludIT, now part of Outpost24
Improve Security of Docker, Containers, and Microservices with a security expert from Outpost24 to understand the risk and vulnerabilities associated with the new technology.
SecludIT, now part of Outpost24
Many companies are wondering about the Google Cloud Platform security. We are here trying to answer your questions about it.
SecludIT, now part of Outpost24
Learn more about our Top 10 Microsoft Azure security best practices to continuously secure your cloud environment from cyber-attacks.

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