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Simon Roe
Online payment skimming operations run by Magecart criminals continue to intensify and develop, reportedly compromising more than 2 million websites with the most infamous attack involving the breach of British Airways in 2018. Where credit card data of nearly 400,000 BA customers were compromised and resulted in a hefty fine of $230million and the moment the world stood up to take note of this new and dominant threat.
Gaining visibility of the wireless airspace is something many organizations and security teams have struggled due to the volume and capabilities being restricted to network teams. However, as we see reports of successful wireless attacks increasing, annual pen testing of wireless for compliance will become redundant.
Outpost24 product managers
As digital transformation continues to take hold, enterprises across industries are under mainstream pressure to tighten their cyber defense as they evolve to cloud and become more application centric. Despite many boards boosting security resources and increasing spend in 2019, more than 3,800 data breaches have hit organizations with dire consequence. In the spirit of the holiday season we have compiled a list of 2020 predictions from our in-house security experts on the key trends and threats that should be high on any CISO’s agenda to deliver greater cyber hygiene and multi-layered defense.
Charlie Eriksen, CTO Adversary
Increasingly, boardrooms are starting to recognize a simple fact: Being hacked is a question of if, not when. It’s no secret that most companies have experienced some type of data breach, often without their own knowledge. This all adds up to estimates that a cyber-attack occurs every 39 seconds, if you believe such statistics. That puts huge pressure on organizations to decrease the likelihood of not only adding to this statistic, but also fulfilling their data privacy duty they have towards their users, employees and customers.
John Stock, Network Security Manager Outpost24
Outpost24 recognized among Vulnerability Risk Management vendors by analyst
Hugo van den Toorn, Manager Offensive Security at Outpost24
In this blog I will share why we use hardware implants for our Red teaming and physical penetration tests, how they work and how we make them.
Sergio Loureiro, Cloud Security Director
Check out our interactive infographic of the top 10 cloud security myths and common misconceptions.

By Sergio Loureiro, Product Manager Outpost24
While the idea of a Shared Responsibility Model is conceptually understood, organizations taking advantage of the transformative power of public cloud platforms continue to come short practically, of the implementation of basic security controls, giving hackers a one-way ticket to their critical assets and data.
We understand that vulnerability detection is time critical and can impact how vulnerabilities are managed. To improve zero-day detection, organizations can use a vulnerability management solution to improve the time from detection to fixing a critical vulnerability by utilizing specialist intelligence and tools.
Jonas Mattsson, Ghost Labs
This post explains how the vulnerabilities in Oracle Webcenter Site were found and how they can be exploited.

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