HTTP request smuggling
Using HTTP request smuggling to hijack a user’s session...
Application Security
In this blog, one of our Application Security Auditors takes a look at the new HTTP request vulnerability, gives a...
phishing microsoft 365
The Phishing-as-a-Service platform targeting Microsoft 365 customers
Research & Threat Intel
A detailed walkthrough of how a phishing kit can be used to bypass MFA on Microsoft 365 accounts.
risk-based strategies
Vulnerability management: traditional approaches vs. risk-based strategies 
Vulnerability Management
This blog compares traditional approaches to vulnerability management to a risk-based one. Learn about the differences between the two, and...
Dark AI tools: How profitable are they in the...
Research & Threat Intel
KrakenLabs have observed key actors and groups the dark artificial intelligence ecosystem, exploring the business of selling and developing artificial...
engineering attacks
Red team exercises against social engineering attacks
Cybersecurity News
This article examines social engineering attacks that exploit flaws in human psychology and outlines how red teaming simulations help you...