Rhadamanthys malware analysis
Rhadamanthys malware analysis: How infostealers use VMs to avoid...
Research & Threat Intel
The infostealer malware Rhadamanthys mixes advanced anti-analysis techniques coupled with heavy obfuscation. To help you with this task, we have...
privilege escalation
Nagios XI vulnerabilities resulting in privilege escalation (& more)  
Research & Threat Intel
Outpost24 has identified four vulnerabilities in Nagios XI, three of which result in privilege escalation.
common vulnerabilities on your external attack surface
The most common vulnerabilities in your external attack surface 
A robust EASM strategy demands a proactive approach, constant vigilance, and an emphasis on education and collaboration. By following our...
HTTP request smuggling
Using HTTP request smuggling to hijack a user’s session...
Application Security
In this blog, one of our Application Security Auditors takes a look at the new HTTP request vulnerability, gives a...
phishing microsoft 365
The Phishing-as-a-Service platform targeting Microsoft 365 customers
Research & Threat Intel
A detailed walkthrough of how a phishing kit can be used to bypass MFA on Microsoft 365 accounts.