Press Release: Outpost24 acquires wireless security pioneer Pwnie Express

Acquisition expands Outpost24 full stack security assessment to wireless airspace.

London, UK – October 3, 2019 – Outpost24, an innovator in identifying and managing cyber exposure, today announced it has acquired Pwnie Express, the leading provider of threat detection for Bluetooth, wireless and IoT devices.  Through the acquisition, Outpost24 extends its full stack assessment platform with wireless security assessment capabilities.

WiFi and Bluetooth connections have become a staple for businesses and consumers around the world.  These wireless connections are foundational for the exploding Internet of Things (IOT) market.  Similar to other enterprise IT technology, wireless technology presents yet another attack vector that businesses must secure.  Security experts take this vector seriously, for example at industry conferences such as Blackhat / Def Con experts advise attendees to switch off wireless connections to avoid being hacked or tricked into connecting to a malicious network.

“Our customers expect us to help them improve their security posture, and we know they can’t secure what they can’t find,” said Martin Henricson, CEO of Outpost24. “This combination is a perfect fit with our full stack security assessment platform, enhancing discovery of unknowns and identifying the types of devices in our customer’s airspace.  We are thrilled to announce the acquisition.”

Pwnie Express is a well-known and trusted security brand with similar roots as Outpost24 in the ethical hacking industry. Pwnie Express’s flagship solution Pwn Pulse provides full threat detection of known and unknown WiFi access points and all Bluetooth device open for pairing within corporate offices. The company achieved fame for creating the Pwn Phone and Pwn Pad, two devices used by the main character, Elliot Alderson, in the hit drama thriller television series Mr. Robot. Through the acquisition, Pwn Pulse will extend Outpost24’s full stack security assessment platform, allowing customers to assess and monitor their cyber exposure more completely across owned infrastructure, cloud infrastructure and web applications.

Pwn Pulse discovers all IT and IoT devices through WiFi and Bluetooth signals on the network and in the surrounding airspace and monitors their behaviours for indicators of compromise or sabotage. The solution provides actionable intelligence to alert security teams of the potential threats so they can defend the network from unauthorized devices. The acquisition will extend Outpost24’s full stack security platform to carry out assessments on WiFi, Bluetooth and IoT devices as well as detecting rogue devices.

The Pwn Pulse product is available immediately. Additional information is available from Outpost24 or Pwnie Express.


Note: Results International acted as exclusive financial adviser to Outpost24.

About Outpost24

The Outpost24 group helps organizations limit their digital exposure with a complete range of cyber risk management solutions. Outpost24’s cloud platform unifies asset inventory, automates security assessments, and quantifies risk in business context. Executives and security teams around the world trust Outpost24 to prioritize the most important security issues across their entire IT infrastructure for accelerated risk reduction. Founded in 2001, Outpost24 is headquartered in Sweden, with additional offices in the US, the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, France, and Spain.

About Pwnie Express

Pwnie Express closes the IoT security gap exposed by the proliferation of IoT and other devices in the enterprise. By continuously identifying and assessing all devices and IoT systems, Pwnie’s security platform prevents threats from disrupting business operations, all without the need for agents, or changes to network infrastructure.

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