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Cybersecurity risks: how to mitigate them? - infographic

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Why carry out a cyber security risk assessment? Because company cybersecurity risks are increasing very fast when they haven't smart action plan.

41% of investors are now extremely concerned about cyber threats and believe it is the first business threat according to the PwC Global Investor Survey (2018). Meanwhile, Gartner says, by 2020, 60% of digital businesses will suffer significant services failures due to the inability of IT security teams to manage digital risk.


How can you mitigate cybersecurity risks today?

Malware, SQL injections, ransomware, and other types of cyberattacks are exploiting your vulnerable systems. And you can fight those potential breaches because they are all publicly referenced as CVE.

Managing and mitigating the risk is not complicated work. Follow the four main steps of our infographic (below) and be secured.

  • First thing: you must be able to detect (identify) your vulnerabilities. The implementation of a vulnerability management strategy helps.
  • Step 2: You will undoubtedly have a long list of vulnerabilities but don't panic, some of them are less important. So you must prioritize them to organize your efforts, save time and money.
  • Then, you have to plan your action. A long-term vision is your most excellent tool for security success.
  • Last but not least, fix your vulnerabilities following your criticality order or ask for some help from a security company.
cybersecurity risks how to mitigate them

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