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FTSE 100 credential theft study 2022

Corporate credential theft is a targeted effort and makes FTSE 100 companies credentials particularly attractive to cybercriminals with accelerated digital transformation (BYOD and hybrid working). Once an attacker gets hold of stolen user credentials and passwords, they can sell the credentials in the cybercrime underground or use them to compromise an organization’s network, bypassing security measures and threaten the credibility and integrity of the institution.
FTSE 100 credential theft study

Stolen credentials are dangerous and one of the greatest threats facing security and IT teams today because there is very little that can be done to identify and detect an intruder inside your system utilizing known/ trusted credentials. Therefore, it’s important to proactively monitor leaked credentials and alert security to reset passwords upon discovery to reduce risk and ransomware groups. from Conti to REvil are known to use stolen credentials to gain initial access. The Colonial Pipeline take down attack was a prime example of the danger of even a single compromised password.    

Key findings from stolen and leaked credentials study:

  • The majority (81%) of the companies within the FTSE 100 had at least one credential compromised and exposed on the dark web
  • 31,135 total stolen and leaked credentials detected for FTSE 100 companies, with 38% disclosed on the underground in the past 12 months
  • Nearly half (42%) of FTSE 100 companies have more than 500 compromised credentials exposed on the dark web
  • Up to 20% of credentials are stolen via malware infection and stealers
  • 11% disclosed in the last 3 months (21% in the last 6 months and over 68% has been exposed for 12months+) 
  • Over 60% of stolen credentials came from 3 industries - IT/Telecom (23%), Energy and Utility (22%) and Finance (21%) 
  • IT/Telecoms industry is the most at risk with the highest total amount (7,303) and average stolen credentials per company (730), they are most affected by malware infection and have the most amount of stolen credentials disclosed in the last 3 months 
  • On average, healthcare has the highest number of stolen credentials per company (485) from data breach as they found themselves increasingly in the cybercriminals’ crosshairs since the pandemic



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