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Management Team

Management Team
Karl Thedeen
Started out his career in telecom giant Ericsson, Thedéen’s business acumen and technological innovation has brought success wherever he has been. He brings over 20 years of experience in the software and technology sector, having previously held CEO roles at media technology provider Edgeware AB and networking solution provider Transmode AB, before its acquisition by Infinera. He is also a board member of Semcon AB and SmartOptics AS.
Jonas Alfredson
With a wealth of experience in sound financial management from public, private, and private-equity owned companies, Jonas is responsible for the financial efficiency of Outpost24. While often unseen to customers, Jonas leads a team that makes it possible for Outpost24 to continually refine the efficiency and value delivered to customers. Jonas has experience helping small companies grow into larger successes, both organically and through acquisition.
Bob Egner
Chief Strategy Officer
With a constant eye on the evolving threat landscape, Bob is the advocate of the customer in their terms of security, value, and experience. He has led marketing, product management, and business development functions for large and small security and e-business companies in all regions of the world. In addition to a special focus on digital marketing, Bob highlights innovative contributions to companies such as Episerver, Check Point Software, and Pointsec.
Youtse Sung
VP Marketing
Youtse is the VP of Marketing at Outpost24 linking sales, marketing and customer insights. She brings over 15 years of demand generation, digital and product marketing experience with a proven track record of accelerating revenue growth at technology companies. Before joining Outpost24, she spent 7 year at martech leader Episerver building and scaling the global marketing function.
Srini Jayaraman
Chief Technology Officer
With deep roots in engineering and security, Srini spearheads the technological initiatives at Outpost24. His background in vulnerability management, threat intelligence, compliance, and operations serves a pivotal role in the shaping of new products/services at Outpost24. In his previous employments, he has served in several customer-facing roles and has multiple years of experience in managing, nurturing, and developing global cross-functional teams. Srini also serves as the head of development team and specializes in agile practices, digital transformation, lean management, and FinOps.
Martin Jartelius
Chief Security Officer
With a security-focused consulting background, Martin oversees every aspect of security at Outpost24. His innovations initially introduced professional and managed services to the solution portfolio, and then established a strong security research team that has dramatically improved customer effectiveness in prioritizing and remediating threats. As a former security consultant at Logica/CGI, Martin has specialized in security audits, compliance, IT forensics, and penetration testing.
Kai Müller
VP Sales
Kai has assisted many organizations in multiple regions reach their security objectives in a cost effective way. At Outpost24, he leads the sales organization globally, educates new and existing customers about the value of Outpost24’s Vulnerability Management solutions, and results in strong company growth. Kai has built on his years of experience in the security industry with companies such as Secunia and Flexera Software.
Christina Kannegaard Bøje
Chief Customer Officer
With a strong focus on customer value and experience, Christina drives customer and partner success through our dedicated teams, improving their security posture while helping Outpost24 deliver key results for the business and our stakeholders. Christina has an international background working in both start-ups and larger companies with diverse teams.
Mette Wigand Bode
General Counsel
Mette leads our legal matters and has overall responsibility for the strategic direction and coordination of Outpost24’s legal affairs worldwide. Mette applies her experience high-growth and global companies to help Outpost24 meet developing market opportunities by being easy to do business with in all regions. Before joining the Outpost24 team, Mette lead legal matters with security agencies such as Secunia and Flexera Software.
The Board
Martin Henricson
Chairman of the Board
A senior executive with years of experience, Martin has time and time again led innovative companies into major success. His background in industry segments such as IT, Telecom, and Internet businesses, where security is essential, positions him to guide Outpost24 to deliver increasing business value through cybersecurity. For the past 18 years, Martin has held positions as President and CEO, sharpening his focus on solid business performance and extending business impact globally.
Peter Larsson
Board Member
Peter is the founder of Monterro investment and has held a number of senior positions in the software industry, including CTO of Front Capital Systems, CEO of Protect Data and Episerver, President of Pointsec Mobile Technologies and Chairman of the board of several publicly traded and private equity own software companies.
Thomas Bill
Co-founder, Monterro
Thomas has held a number of senior positions in the software industry, including Global VP Sales and COO of Front Capital Systems, President of Pointsec Mobile Technologies, and CEO of Protect Data and Orc Software. A founder of Monterro investment
Matilda Tidlund
CISO, Northvolt
Matilda brings over 20 years of change management and leadership experience from the Telco industry, with deep knowledge in technical design and security operations. Previous served as the CSO of Telia, her responsibilities span from corporate governance, IT security, physical security and security operations center all the way to assisting in national security matters in the countries that Telia operates in.
Sara Heiner Asplund
CFO, Svea Solar
Sara has over 20 years solid financial experience - ranging from corporate finance and investment management to various positions as CFO and finance manager in both private and public companies. Sara has a broad experience from different sectors - from mature companies to entrepreneurial companies in hyper growth. Sara’s current position is CFO at Svea Solar.
Erik Blomberg
CSO, Handelsbanken
Erik Blomberg is a Senior Vice President and head of Security & risk (CSO) in Handelsbanken. He is a security thought leader with an emphasis on threat intelligence, business alignment, security & risk governance and operational resilience. Erik has 30+ years in the IT-industry. First, six years as a consultant in Cap Gemini, before moving to Handelsbanken where he has had different management positions, mainly supporting Handelsbanken’s international foot-print. Erik has had the position as CISO and now CSO since 2016, roles that are constantly evolving.

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