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Press Release: Outpost24 Extends Orchestration and Automation Support

ServiceNow Integration and Compliance Notification furthers commitment to integrate with any customer process or technology stack.

Spring 2017 Release: Outpost24 Extends Orchestration
and Automation Support

Press Release for March 28 2017 (PDF)

ServiceNow Integration and Compliance Notification furthers commitment to integrate with any customer process or technology stack.

Copenhagen, Denmark - March 28, 2017

Outpost24, a leading provider of Vulnerability Management solutions for commercial and government organizations, announced today the newest versions for their solution for network, web application, and compliance scanning.  With the Spring 2017 release, Outpost24 reaffirms its commitment to flexible support for process and technology stacks in its customer’s environment, as well as continuous improvements in performance and scale to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes.

As organizations strive to adopt the new “detect and respond” paradigm, intelligence driven security operation becomes essential.  To move beyond preventative “protection” technologies and the perimeter, leading security organizations have shifted focus to contextual information that can inform and trigger automated response orchestration.  Orchestration can be seen as an evolutionary step towards increased cyber resilience, maintaining business functions and operations in spite of constantly changing cyber threats.

The industry trend towards security orchestration drives the way Outpost24 designs and builds solutions” stated Bob Egner, CMO for Outpost24.  “We have a responsibility to our customers to fit into the processes and technologies they employ for security and IT operations.  And we strive to do our part in delivering the broadest view of cyber vulnerabilities with the least effort to our customers, who frequently express their shortage of cyber security knowledge and skills in their organizations.

Key new functionality included in the newest version of the Outpost24 platform includes:

  • ServiceNow integration
    Automates processes such as ingesting Configuration Management database information to delivering solution-oriented instructions directly to operational staff in a familiar system context.
  • Integrations module
    Collects all integration configuration information into one convenient user interface to streamline setup.
  • Compliance-driven events and alerts
    Can be configured to trigger orchestration in downstream processes when an asset drifts out of compliance.
  • Large report handling
    Simplifies creation, management, and distribution of Vulnerability reports that contain large asset counts or voluminous findings.
  • Extended connectivity testing
    Removes uncertainty during deployment or when diagnosing integrations and orchestrations, enables more self-service support and faster resolution of connectivity issues.
  • Custom SSH authentication
    Provides configuration control for authenticated scanning of any Linux or Unix system with unique privilege elevation, allowing assets that might otherwise have been skipped to be scanned, leading to a more complete view of vulnerabilities.

For more information about the full capabilities of Outpost24 and latest solution advances, check out  The latest version of Outpost24 software is available immediately.

About Outpost24

Outpost24 is a leading cyber assessment company focused on enabling its customers to achieve maximum value from their evolving technology investments. By leveraging our full stack security insights to reduce attack surface for any architecture, Outpost24 customers continuously improve their security posture with the least effort.

Over 2,000 customers in more than 40 countries around the world trust Outpost24 to assess their devices, networks, applications, cloud and container environments and report compliance status for government, industry sector, or internal regulations.

Founded in 2001, Outpost24 serves leading organizations across a wide range of segments including financial and insurance, government, healthcare, retail, telecommunications, technology, and manufacturing.

Learn more security information on our website, get security news, trends and insights at, or follow us on Twitter @outpost24

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