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The Internet of Evil Things 2020

67% of organizations surveyed are NOT confident that they could prevent a wireless or WI-FI attack

Zero-Day Vulnerability Detection

Accelerate Identification: A Strategy to Improve Zero Day Vulnerability Detection

Web App Security for Retail & Ecommerce

2020 New study found US retailers have a larger attack surface, while EU retailers run more outdated services

Infosecurity 2019 Security Study

39% of organisations don’t introduce security testing from the beginning of the application development cycle

AWS Best Security Practices Guide

Find out how CIOs and CISOs should secure their AWS infrastructure with this best practice gudie.

RSA 2018
Security Study

42% companies admit to ignoring critical security problems because of time, resource and lack of knowledge

Infosecurity 2018 Security Study

Only 57 percent of organisations patch vulnerabilities as soon as they are known.

The DevOps Guide to Application Security

A new, collaborative approach for securing apps

Cloud Workloads Security Guide

Understand the unique security challenges in news environments and why it is crucial to protect your  infrastructure in the cloud

Securing Public Clouds

How to achieve a single pane of glass view of cloud security for IaaS and the risks associated with multi-cloud management

Risk-based Prioritization

Guide to faster and smarter prioritization and remediation of the biggest vulnerabilities.

Economics of Pen testing guide

Why it’s important to use a combination of pen testing and automated scanning in modern threat landscape

RSA 2019
Security Study

44% of organizations do not introduce security into the development cycle from the beginning

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