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“We wanted to go a step further and gain the ability to detect and analyze external cyber threats before they affect clients’ businesses, and we needed a way to turn that ability into a global, scalable service offering.”
Nikolaos Tsouroulas Telefonica
“Outpost24 does a great job by detecting vulnerabilities proactively and we can check any vulnerabilities at the click of a button to get more detail. I’m also delighted with the support we received – the detailed risk findings presented in both technical and business context is a huge time saver in helping us prioritize fixes and collaborate with IT and DevOps, and share our progress with management.”
Erich Giesinger, Head of Web Services and Internet Securit NZZ
“Utilizing an automated security testing tool like Outpost24 has helped reduce 3,000 audits to 1 audit and documents that our system is secure to our customers. It has enhanced our security capabilities and now we have a complete view of threats”.
Thomas Kjærgaard EasySignup
“We need to show our customers that testing is happening continuously. Outpost24 is the only vendor that can deliver continual application testing at scale and we don’t have to keep requesting tests when we need them.”
John Hixon Cezanne HR

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Sie befinden sich in guter Gesellschaft. Kunden auf der ganzen Welt vertrauen Outpost24 bei der Analyse ihrer Geräte, Netzwerke, Applikationen und Cloud-Dienste, um Sicherheitsrisiken zu identifizieren und zu vermeiden.