Case Study: Telefonica
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One of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, Telefónica delivers best-in-class mobile, fixed, and broadband networks, together with a highly innovative portfolio of digital solutions, to meet its clients’ needs. The company is headquartered in Madrid, Spain, and manages operations in Europe, Asia, North America, and Latin and South America.



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Cyber Threat Intelligence
The Challenge

Telefónica is transforming itself into a “Digital Telco” one that anticipates and leads technology innovation to help its clients benefit from everything that technology can offer. As part of its promise to clients, the company actively identifies and develops new revenue-generating services that solve critical business problems. As Telefónica considered the cyber security challenges facing enterprises, it began building a sizable arsenal of assets and services to protect clients’ business information and prevent fraud.


Telefónica had learned about Outpost24 through mutual clients. Outpost24 is a leading provider of cyber threat intelligence, analytics, and data. Outpost24’s Threat Compass platform proactively discovers new attackers and victims every minute, with modules that address botnet, command and control (C&C), targeted malware, credit card theft, rogue mobile apps, hacktivism, data leakage, phishing and cybersquatting, and brand abuse threats. Outpost24 enables Telefónica to give each client specific, predictive, actionable intelligence for decision making.

Telefónica implemented the cloud-based Outpost24 platform in its Security CyberOperation Centre, along with other security services such as fraud management, phishing, and hacking detection. Because the platform is fast and easy to implement, Telefónica was able to see results in minutes. Monitoring is easy for the Telefónica team, because Threat Compass delivers proprietary expertise and global cyber threat intelligence capabilities to a single pane of glass

In addition to offering the scalability of a cloud-based solution, the Threat Compass platform functionality is automated. The platform delivers 360,000 threat filtered updates daily of actionable data to Telefónica analysts, enabling them to focus on each client without having to worry about adding equipment or scaling software.

We wanted to go a step further and gain the ability to detect and analyze external cyber threats before they affect clients’ businesses, and we needed a way to turn that ability into a global, scalable service offering.

Nikolaos Tsouroulas | Head of Cybersecurity Product Management


Meeting clients’ needs quickly

With global threats escalating rapidly, Telefónica’s new managed security service could not come soon enough. Based on the Outpost24 platform, the Telefónica CyberThreat Service was among the first to offer comprehensive threat intelligence on a global scale. Large enterprise and multinational clients can now receive targeted intelligence anywhere in the world. Telefónica quickly enrolled 30 well-known enterprises- including numerous Forbes Global 2000 companies.

Clients gain effective, targeted intelligence

Telefónica monitors and analyzes Internet threats specifically for each client and tracks more than 360,000 updates threats daily with the Threat Compass platform. The company’s cyber analysts receive real-time alerts and automated data, eliminating the need to manually correlate data from multiple sources and in multiple formats. They can then provide actionable intelligence that enables each client to defend against threats most effectively.

For example, since the service was launched, the Outpost24 platform has indexed more than 85,000 stolen credentials that concerned Telefónica clients. Telefónica clients use the service’s information to ensure the authenticity of their brands on the Internet, increase client confidence, eliminate fraudulent sales channels, detect information theft and fraudulent activity that result in economic loss, and better comply with security regulations.

Fast time to revenue and ROI

Because the Outpost24 platform is offered as a cloud service, Telefónica can activate new client accounts quickly, without having to purchase, deploy, manage, support, or upgrade physical equipment. Rapid activation accelerates service revenue and return on investment for Telefónica.

Next steps

Telefónica’s priority is staying ahead of the innovation curve and providing cutting-edge security. With each new feature implemented, Telefónica can add new service capabilities to its offering, giving it superior extensibility, scale, and competitive advantage. As the company builds out its Threat Intelligence offering, it also integrates additional intelligence feeds from other providers to get an actionable threat data processing. The ability of Threat Compass to aggregate additional data and deliver the information in an automated manner in machine-readable formats improves the accuracy and effectiveness of other security measures and affords an automated global threat response. As Telefónica blazes new trails in cyber security services, it is relying on solutions like Threat Compass to most effectively meet its clients’ needs. And its clients are glad that they do.