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Acquisition expands Outpost24 full stack security assessment to wireless airspace
Bob Egner, Head of Product
Cyber-criminals have been directing their efforts at cloud silos, leaching off vulnerabilities or poor configurations to illegally extract the data for their own monetary gain by commoditising attack tools.
Bob Egner, Head of Product
A third of organisations are cutting corners on security in order to make product launch deadlines, by shipping products that they know have unpatched vulnerabilities.
New study reveals 42 percent of organisations are concerned about cloud security but many fail to carry out any security testing on the environment
Hugo van den Toorn, Offensive Security Manager
It has been reported a group of researchers are quietly commercialising an artificial intelligence-driven lie detector, which they hope will be the future of airport security
Simon Roe, Product Manager Outpost24
Security teams struggle to contain web application vulnerabilities or find the time to patch them because organisations adopt DevOps processes without considering how and where security should be applied.
John Stock, Network Security Manager Outpost24
John Stock, product manager, Outpost24, discusses how organisations can improve security by implementing zero-trust models
Martin Jartelius
Firms are bypassing security to push products and services into the market, increasing security risks for the organisation and its customers, a poll of information security professionals shows
New partnership allows developers to gain insight into the hacker mindset and apply secure coding standards to web application development
34 percent admit to bypassing security to get products out to market faster
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