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Webinar: The State of Ransomware in 2021 and How to Limit Your Exposure

25 Aug 2021
Targeted ransomware is showing no sign of slowing down in 2021, with the added challenge of double extortion and as-a-service model. Find out how the most prolific ransomware is evolving to find its target across all walks of life.
state of ransomware in 2021

Ransomware has continued to grow in maturity throughout the first half of 2021. As businesses struggle to understand yet another major attack that hit the Kaseya supply chain, organizations are beginning to realize data backups and cyber insurance alone won’t save them.

Join Outpost24 and Blueliv, as we discuss how ransomware gangs like REvil and Clop, are behaving like businesses themselves – expanding geographically and evolving their techniques to launch sophisticated attacks to catch out their unknowing victims. In this webinar we explain how best to identify security gaps through threat intelligence to get essential warning of impending ransomware threats targeting your organization.

What you’ll learn:

  • The state of ransomware in 2021 and how gangs have evolved to target organizations with new techniques
  • Key threat actors behind some of 2021’s biggest ransomware attacks and the regions in which they operate
  • Why traditional security isn’t enough to secure your organization against the threat of sophisticated ransomware 
  • How to map your technology assets and vulnerabilities with real time threat intelligence data to prioritize security controls
  • Best practice for limiting your exposure and reducing the effectiveness of incoming social engineering attacks

Wednesday 25th August- 11.00 AM CEST

Wednesday 25th August- 1.00 PM EDT

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