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Shadow Devices Webinar - Common Wireless Security Threats and How to Avoid them

30 Oct 2019
In this webinar; our Wireless & Network Security Product Expert, will walk you through how to secure connected devices and understanding wireless threats

Busting the Myths of Cloud Security

Securing connected devices and understanding wireless attacks

Recent data shows that there are 26.6 billion IoT devices currently in use in 2019 and this figure is set to rise significantly to 75 billion by 2025. While these wireless or Bluetooth enabled devices offer huge benefits to help build more intelligent enterprises, the technology they use, which has become part of our everyday life, also brings with it a surge in new security risks in the form of rogue access points, wireless sniffing, keyloggers and other attacks.

The #1 challenge for busy security professionals is how can you secure what you don’t know about? 100% of companies has reported finding rogue consumer devices lurking on their enterprise network, highlighting the risk of airborne attacks. Watch our webinar to learn how best to discover full scope of what you own and spot anomalies before rogue devices turn malicious.

What you’ll learn:

  1. Shadow devices and the potential threats WIFI and Bluetooth can bring to your business
  2. How hackers use airborne attacks to bypass current security measures and build foothold
  3. Why asset and device visibility are crucial when it comes to wireless security
  4. How to improve threat detection for everything wireless and wired devices in and around your organization 
  5. Tips for enforcing and monitoring network access policy within your enterprise and surrounding public space


US Webinar - 2:00 PM PT

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