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Webinar: Securing Your Business in a Multi-Cloud World

27 Mar 2019
The business benefits of cloud computing is obvious and it’s no surprise that 86% of organizations had already adopted a multi-cloud strategy to support their innovations.
multi cloud webinar

But if you have not developed a plan to secure your hybrid or multi-cloud applications and infrastructures, you’re at risk of undermining your investment. Join our Cloud Security Specialist Sergio Loureiro, as he discusses the security challenges for multi-cloud and best practice for securing such environments.

  • Understanding multi-cloud and its migration paths
  • The different security challenges for IaaS and PaaS
  • Traditional security doesn’t provide full visibility
  • Why you shouldn’t rely on cloud providers’ security tools alone
  • How to secure your multi-cloud with the right controls and tools
  • Prepare for the future: Serverless, automation and orchestration 

US Webinar - 11:00 AM PST

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