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Webinar: Cloud Providers ate hosting companies’ lunch, what’s next? Security!

17 Oct 2018
AWS, Azure and Google Cloud have disrupted the traditional infrastructure market. After realizing that security is a major roadblock to cloud adoption, they are putting money and effort to built-in security features. But hybrid setups remain a challenge for companies and there is a learning curve for security teams to be proficient on cloud. Find out how to choose the best toolset to secure your data in the cloud.

Now that adoption of cloud infrastructures is the new normal and first migration hurdles are behind us, cloud security is on the spotlight. And Cloud Providers such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud do not want customers to leave their consoles, so they are providing security centers within their platforms to address traditional security functions. How can enterprises decide what is the best path?

We will show:

  • A quick overview of the new security features available from Cloud Providers.
  • How to build a full-fledged Security Operations Center only with cloud services available from AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.
  • A comparison in terms of cost, time and outcomes, with more traditional approaches: using products from the cloud marketplace and using traditional on-premise solutions.
  • How can enterprises decide what is the best way forward, once the cloud providers already have the data and assets? 

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Webinar session - 10:30 AM PDT


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