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Webinar: Beating Hackers at Their Own Game - 2022 Cyber Security Prediction

15 Dec 2021
In 2021, cybersecurity is in the spotlight more than ever for the wrong reason. Find out what’s in store for 2022 and how to protect your business.
2022 cybersecurity prediction

Since the pandemic we’ve seen organizations struggled with the growing security challenges associated with digital transformation, distributed IT and workforce. Data and critical assets are everywhere, making it more difficult to assess and address. All of this fueled the spread of ransomware and sprang fear amongst even the most immovable board rooms – as no one is safe. This year, it became more and more apparent that organizations must take back control and refocus on building security resilience in order to get ahead of the cyber dystopia.

Join our expert panel for a fireside chat as we share the key security trends and threats to look out for and how proactive security can play a vital role in stopping hackers in their track to your crown jewels – before it’s too late.

What you'll learn:

  • Why external attack surface management is key in 2022 and how to reduce security risk against shadow IT, cloud sprawl and M&A
  • Harsh lessons learn from ransomware and cyber-attacks that shocked the world in 2021 and what you can do to avoid common security missteps
  • How to use threat intelligence to understand attack patterns and propel your remediation activities and security process
  • Practical tools and frameworks to set you on your way to better maturity with increased security visibility and efficiency

Wednesday 15th December - 3.30 PM CET / 9.30 AM EST

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