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Webinar: Cybersecurity readiness in the post Covid-19 world

25 Jun 2020
The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we work and how hackers target their victims. But when the lockdown and travel restrictions finally ease, your business needs to be ready to secure your workforce and IT operations in the ‘new normal’ for the long term.

The pandemic has shown employees can easily work from home using emails, chats and video conferencing to quickly communicate with colleagues. When workforces start resuming to a 'business as usual' approach after the crisis, many people won’t be returning to the office. As brands like Twitter and Facebook are beginning to allow employees to work from home permanently, it’s clear that the remote working model is here to stay. However, this does have knock on effect on security, with many more employees continuing to work from home, fully wired on mobile phones, laptops and other connected devices that have become a prime target for hackers.  

Being online all the time will change the typical security perimeters, and key considerations must be taken to re-evaluate the current security controls and enable a lasting transition to the ‘new normal’ without impacting IT operations and attracting unwanted attention from hackers leading to costly breaches and fines. Join our webinar, as our security expert provides the key security fundamentals to help you re-prioritize security budgets and adapt to the ‘new normal’ which will set you in good stead for maintaining long term remote workforce security.

What you’ll learn: 

- Identifying and redefining your security perimeters to understand the new attack surface post Covid-19 

- Choosing the right security technology to support remote working models and boost your security coverage 

- Utilizing analytics to track application and cloud security risk exposure for faster triage and spotting harmful security gaps like cloud misconfiguration 

- Using security budgets wisely to accelerate digital transformation with risk based prioritization and a ‘full stack’ approach 

- Guidance to creating a ‘security first’ mindset beyond lockdown and driving long term security resilience for your organization 

- Practical use cases from lockdown success stories and lessons learned from security breaches during the pandemic 

25 June - 1:00PM PDT

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