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Webinar - Best practice for external attack surface management

29 Sep 2021
Every internet-facing application (known or unknown) your customers and employees interact with your business online is expanding your attack surface and putting your organization at risk. Learn how to protect your digital footprint with advanced attack surface management.
external attack surface management

Gartner recently singled out external attack surface management (EASM) as an emerging practice that supports organizations in identifying and managing risks coming from internet-facing assets and systems that they may be exposed to such as shadow IT, vulnerable components and hard-to-spot software vulnerabilities. The message is clear – visibility and continuous monitoring are key to understand the underlying attack vectors that could impact your security exposure and give attackers a foothold into your systems.

What you’ll learn:

  • The dramatic rise of your external attack surface and potential eye-opening results
  • What is external attack surface management (EASM) and why organizations need it
  • Make sense of how different attack vectors are contributing to your growing attack surface
  • Understand the most common attack vectors for retail, finance and healthcare applications
  • How EASM best practice can help get your house in order and reduce application risks


Wednesday 29th September - 1.00 PM EDT

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