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Cybersecurity Resources

Latest thinking and useful insights on the changing landscape of cybersecurity.


Creating a sustainable application security program to drive growth

Learn how you can create greater and more robust visibility of security within the application development lifecycle


Tales from the Trenches: Turning DevOps + Security into DevSecOps

We will go over concrete security approaches and real data that overcome DevOps challenges


Security analytics: what's in a risk score

Get an overview of the evolution of security analytics, what a risk score means, and ideas on ways you can make sense of your security data to improve your security posture.


Securing Your Business in a Multi-Cloud World

We discuss the security challenges for multi-cloud and best practice for securing such environments


Red Teaming Assessment: improve your organization’s security, one hack at a time

Learn the key elements of a red team operations, what companies can expect from the assessment and how to benefit from the ‘moment of truth


How to Secure Your Data in the Cloud

Learn why your data is not as safe as you think in cloud and containerized environments


How to make your vulnerability management program pay dividends

Get best practice advice to improve your vulnerability management action plan


Application security in a DevOps World

Learn why security is the #1 challenge for applications and how you can integrate application security testing into your DevOps cycles in a collaborative and programmatic manner.


Building an application security program at the speed of your business

Learn how to build a scalable application security program to increase efficiency and gain better visibility into your risk profile

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