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Cybersecurity Resources

Latest thinking and useful insights on the changing landscape of cybersecurity.


The State of Ransomware in 2021 and How to Limit Your Exposure

Wednesday 25th August - 4.00 PM CEST / 10.00 AM EDT


DevSecOps and the Secure SDLC on-demand webinar series

Break down the barriers between security and DevOps. Register and get full access to top tips and tools for a secure SDLC from development to production


API Security 101 and how to secure your web applications

Learn how to embed API security into your application security and DevSecOps program to spot irregularities and apply crucial checks with APIsec


Understanding the 7 deadly web application attack vectors

We explain how to accurately identify the risk levels of your web application


Protecting Cezanne HR’s cloud web application with continuous assessment

We discuss the importance of data protection in HR, and how a hybrid continuous assessment approach has helped secure their business critical apps and maintain ISO certification standards at scale


DevOps to DevSecOps Webinar: Delivering quality and secure development from the start

Learn how to engage with developers through gamified learning and embed security testing without any downtime and costing the earth


Why security perfection is the enemy of DevSecOps

Learn how to implement an agile DevSecOps to carry out the necessary security checks without compromising on time-to-market


Towards Full Stack Security and Prevent Hacker Pivot

Learn how to move beyond component assessment of devices, networks, applications, data, and users into full-stack cybersecurity assessment


Creating a sustainable application security program to drive growth

Learn how you can create greater and more robust visibility of security within the application development lifecycle

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