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Cybersecurity Resources

Latest thinking and useful insights on the changing landscape of cybersecurity.


Web Application Security datasheet

Protect your modern applications in the open web


Cloud and Container Security Datasheet

Secure your innovation in and out of cloud environments


Cloud Providers ate hosting companies’ lunch, what’s next? Security!

Cloud security tools from IaaS provider, are they any good and should I use it?


Is zero trust redefining network security assessment

Understand why more organizations are turning to a zero trust model and how it can impact the way your network is accessed and managed


Reinventing application security with Omnicom Group

Join our On-demand webinar to understand the risks and perils of different application sources and how to create a repeatable application security testing process to reduce risk


Putting Security in Context With a Risk-based Approach

Adopt a pragmatic approach to secure the business instead of lengthy reports and technical explanations that confuse senior management.


The economics of penetration testing in the new threat landscape

We will turn penetration testing on its head and explain the economics of security testing


Busting the Myths of Cloud Security and IaaS Security In a Nutshell Explained

We will walk you through the common misconceptions about cloud security and how to get it right


Shadow Devices Webinar: Common Wireless Security Threats and How to Avoid them

Learn how best to discover full scope of what you own and spot anomalies before rogue devices turn malicious.

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