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Cybersecurity Resources

Latest thinking and useful insights on the changing landscape of cybersecurity.


A day in the Life of an Information Security Professional

We discuss the challenges and pitfalls you might face throughout the vulnerability management cycle, including internal obstacles


The State of Ransomware in 2021 and How to Limit Your Exposure

We explain how best to identify security gaps through threat intelligence to get essential warning of impending ransomware threats targeting your organization.


DevSecOps and the Secure SDLC on-demand webinar series

Break down the barriers between security and DevOps. Register and get full access to top tips and tools for a secure SDLC from development to production


Epic Cybersecurity #Fails and 2020 Predictions

Our experts will review some of the misfortunes of the last year, predictions on what might come in 2020 and practical advice on how to boost your security strategy


API Security 101 and how to secure your web applications

Learn how to embed API security into your application security and DevSecOps program to spot irregularities and apply crucial checks with APIsec


Preventing wireless attacks with device visibility and effective controls

We discuss the results from our recent wireless research and offer specific guidance on how to implement greater security controls to improve device visibility


Risk based vulnerability management: What's in a risk score?

We identify the benefits of a risk-based approach, highlighting how this can make vulnerabilities more manageable and streamlining remediation through automation and orchestration


Cloud security controls best practice

How best to manage between them with Gartner’s CWPP and CSPM models, combined with practical advice on how security professionals can utilize CIS benchmarking to analyze gaps in AWS, Azure and GCP more effectively. 


Mastering the art of multicloud security

We discuss the challenges and pitfalls you might face throughout the cloud migration journey, and show you how our cloud security tools help to mitigate the risk of data leak from ‘shift and lift’ to ‘cloud native’ from top to bottom.

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