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Cybersecurity Resources

Latest thinking and useful insights on the changing landscape of cybersecurity.


Everything you need to know about the new Taurus Stealer

We analyze how Taurus Stealer operates, looking at the outer layer – the packer – the following three layers and their purposes – and how the malware eventually executes the payload.


The new CISO imperative: connecting technical vulnerabilities to business risk

Our expert will discuss why CISOs must embrace unified cyber risk management for greater consolidation and simplification of business risk to build trust and maximize business resilience


Threat Intelligence for Retail & Ecommerce

The sector is under attack – do you know how to minimize your losses?


Cyber Threat Intelligence for Banking & Financial Services

We highlight the most common cyberthreats facing Banking & Financial Services and how threat intelligence can reduce risk of cyberattack:


The Credential Theft Ecosystem

Understanding the lifecycle of a credential is the first step to closing the door to cybercriminals.


How the Pharma industry can mitigate digital risks as criminals leverage Emotet during Covid-19

Download our report “Sounding the Pharma Alarma” with an overview of the pharmaceutical threat landscape.


Dark Commerce - Exploring the cybercrime industry and its business models - part 1

The first in a series of intelligence reports on the shadow economy.


How healthcare organizations can manage their cyber-risk and the role of Threat Intelligence

Download “In Good Health” whitepaper with an overview of the healthcare sector threat landscape.


The Electric Avenue - An overview of the energy sector's threat landscape

Download “The Electric Avenue” whitepaper and learn about the most efficient security practices and threat defenses.

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