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Cybersecurity Resources

Latest thinking and useful insights on the changing landscape of cybersecurity.


Cloud security controls best practice

How best to manage between them with Gartner’s CWPP and CSPM models, combined with practical advice on how security professionals can utilize CIS benchmarking to analyze gaps in AWS, Azure and GCP more effectively. 


Mastering the art of multicloud security

We discuss the challenges and pitfalls you might face throughout the cloud migration journey, and show you how our cloud security tools help to mitigate the risk of data leak from ‘shift and lift’ to ‘cloud native’ from top to bottom.


Mastering container security in modern day DevOps

We examine the security challenges that come with container adoption and unpack the key steps required to integrate and automate container assessment into the DevOps cycle


Securing Your Business in a Multi-Cloud World

We discuss the security challenges for multi-cloud and best practice for securing such environments


How to Secure Your Data in the Cloud

Learn why your data is not as safe as you think in cloud and containerized environments


Cloud and Container Security Datasheet

Secure your innovation in and out of cloud environments


Cloud Providers ate hosting companies’ lunch, what’s next? Security!

Cloud security tools from IaaS provider, are they any good and should I use it?


Busting the Myths of Cloud Security and IaaS Security In a Nutshell Explained

We will walk you through the common misconceptions about cloud security and how to get it right


Covid-19 webinar: Securing DevOps in cloud environments

Our Cloud security expert offers practical guidance to securing remote DevOps in the cloud and how to implement essential multi-cloud security controls for DevOps

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