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Our unique application security testing solution combines automated scanner with manual testing to continuously identify software vulnerabilities and verify remedial findings

Continuous Application Security Testing & Monitoring

Business critical applications and the vulnerabilities associated with them are highly dynamic and need to be monitored continuously. When cost and time matters, our revolutionary application testing as-a-service SWAT combines the best of both worlds from automated scanner and experienced pen testers to provide the most accurate and complete web application assessment of software vulnerabilities from SQL injections, XSS to OWASP top 10 and CVE in the infrastructure layer.


SWAT Main features

continuous monitoring SWAT

Automated Scanning

Our automated application security scanner provides a good balance of speed to business results to keep your business moving forward through continuous monitoring

pen test

Manual Testing

Penetration testing gives you a thorough view of the vulnerabilities and its associated risk level such as business logic error and backdoors that automated scanners missed

continuous monitoring SWAT

Continuous Monitoring & Assessment

When we detect a change our security experts review that change and where needed will conduct a detailed and thorough penetration test to assess application risk

security experts

Access to Security Experts

Interact directly with our security experts who can help your organization learn and understand risk, and provide guidance on the best ways to remediate vulnerabilities identified


Zero False Positive, Zero Touch

Real-time insights are presented in a user friendly UI. Quality checked by our experts, you can be assured that there's zero false positives to distract you and automate report distribution to key stakeholders


Instant Notification and Verification

We provide real-time insights of your vulnerabilities to expedite your remediation as the test is happening, and help verify your remediation effort beyond the test length for best results


fast and deep

Fast and deep

Testing can be conducted instantly for every app change, and just as deep as typical penetration testing

continuous updates

Continuously updates

SWAT has the capability to identify and react to new threats by altering its behavior patterns accordingly


Accurate reports

Our detailed reports, verified by security experts, ensure zero false positives and enable customers to mitigate their risks with laser focus

cost efficiency

Cost efficiency

With a pool of test for a fixed fee, our model is the most effective application security testing solution to help you reduce costs

"Outpost24 offers the unique combination of a manually-tuned pen test with 24x7 monitoring. Its ability to cover known vulnerabilities is a real plus compared to pen tests that have to be arranged on a regular basis" 

Application Security Manager, Mid-size banking company

What do we test in SWAT?

Testing Methodology between Assure, Snapshot & SWAT

  • OWASP TOP 10 2017
  • Common Vulnerabilities
  • 24/7 monitoring and coverage
  • Verification and expert guidance
  • Production safety
  • Support

More Information about Application Security Testing

We defend you from hackers by thinking like them. Find out more about our web application security solution.

web application security webinar

On-demand Webinar

swat service description

SWAT Service Description

appsec datasheet

SWAT Datasheet

swat articles

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