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External attack surface management

Our attack surface management tool uncovers known and unknown digital assets and provides quantified risk rating to help reduce application risks

Mapping your web application attack surface

External facing applications provide crucial revenue streams and are the main source for connecting you with your customers. However, they are far from safe and can become a source of exploitation with hidden vulnerabilities. As application development and updates evolving at high speed, security leaders must identify the attack vectors and unknown assets that hackers could use to enter the system before they do.

Our external attack surface management tool is the only solution to provide real time visibility of your application attack surface whilst pinpointing potential cyber risks in your digital ecosystem. The tool enables organizations to visualize their security exposure against the most common entry points for application attacks and highlight areas that require immediate attention for risk management.

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web application attack surface

Common attack vectors and security exposure

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Security mechanisms 

Using HTTP websites without encryption and unsecured redirects can expose your sensitive data to hackers and lead to credential stuffing. Identify if correct authentication exists and apply restriction controls to prevent unauthorized access

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Page creation method

Developing a website with insecure code means there are more potential vulnerabilities to exploit. Scout detects out of date code language and vulnerable components in your application helping you ensure a secure release and reduce cyber risks

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Degree of distribution

The sheer number of application pages and unknown assets is a breeding ground for exploitable vulnerabilities and a challenge for risk management. Easily identify every page interlinking every domain to uncover potential entry points for hacker exploits

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Authentication is the process of verifying the identity of a user accessing your application in real time. Restricting access to sensitive data is critical to keeping the bad guys out and reducing your application risk

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Input vectors

The attack surface increases with the number of different input fields you have on a web application and can lead to a range of Cross-Site Scripting attacks if these are left unaddressed before production

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Active content technologies

When an application runs scripts the content becomes active. You need to know if your web app has been developed using vulnerable and outdated active content technologies to reduce security exposure

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Cookies are an essential security control for website security by monitoring session activity in real time and ensuring anyone who sends requests to your website are authorized and keeps hackers away

Attack surface analysis http

Open ports

Usage of HTTP port 80 rather than the more secure HTTPS port 443 makes your application susceptible to unauthorized access. It’s important for security teams to identify open ports and close down those not in use 

How we assess your application attack surface

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Application discovery and inventory

Scout simulates multi-discovery techniques used by hackers during  reconnaissance to gather and uncover known and unknown assets and domains that you may have missed

reduce time web application surface analysis

Attack vector and vulnerability analysis

Assess your application security posture against the most common vectors to locate open pathways and security weaknesses that could attackers a foothold into your applications

full stack assassment

Actionable risk scoring for fast mitigation

Provides a real-time view of your security exposure to pinpoint the most critical cyber threats and potential vulnerabilities that require immediate attention  to mitigate risks

report web application attack surface analysis

Continuous attack surface monitoring

Continuously monitor the attack surface with risk-based insights helping developers and security leaders to boost security best practices and improve long-term risk management

Your guide to attack surface management

Utilizing an external attack surface management tool like Scout can help cut down the time taken to discover the complete chain of applications that you are connected to and pinpoint potential security issues from the ‘outside in’ (including those you didn’t know existed) to help security teams build a clear plan for early mitigation for vulnerabilities at risk.

"The most significant value we’ve realized since using Outpost24 is the ability to more clearly view the impact and severity of risks that we are exposed to" 

Security Manager, Global Media & Entertainment Company

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