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Appsec Scale

Dynamic Application Security Testing for DevOps

Built for DevOps, our automated application scanner Scale continuously monitor the vulnerability profiles of your apps

Focus on real vulnerabilities, not quantities

Frequent changes to applications, whether built by internal DevOps teams or outsourced from commercial suppliers, means risk evaluation must shift towards continuous testing. Scale accurately scans both external and internal applications for OWASP/CWE findings, maximizing your coverage with minimal impact to operations, DevOps processes or production applications.

appsec scale dashboard

Main features

OSI Model Layers 3 to 7 Coverage

Scale goes beyond the application and assesses the OSI  layer 3 to 7 to provide a more complete view of the vulnerabilities in the application as well as the network infrastructure it runs on

multiple application scanning

Multiple Applications Scanning

Traditional DAST scanning are often limited to one application at a time and take too long to produce results. Scale is able to onboard multiple apps at the same time  and delivers fast results from even the smallest scan window


Made for DevSecOps

Agile development requires speed and depth. Scale delivers fast, accurate and continuous assessment for applications that are constantly evolving to help you stay nimble across the SDLC.

fast deployment

Fast Deployment

As a SaaS solution Scale can be set up within minutes for your scans. The solution is ideal for organizations wanting agile scanning for DevOps environments.


Real Vulnerabilities and Prioritized Risks

Quality over quantity. Built with input from experienced pen testers, the scan results and risk indexing focus on real vulnerabilities without overwhelming your team with false positives

rest API

Easy Integration with Open RestAPI

Our open platform use RestAPI for integration into 3rd party tools such as CI/CD toolchains to help increase your operational efficiency

Benefits of Appsec Scale

detailed reports

Detailed insight

Appsec Scale’s test results index your risk scores, giving you the insight on where to focus for the biggest impact. We share detailed reports that show you how the test was run helping to inform and simplify your remediation process

stay in control

Stay in Control

Instant access to your vulnerabilities enables you to remediate without delays. Also, with additional on-demand scanning it enables you to stay in control of testing traffic for each application


User-friendly reports

The reporting function shows trend information, risk and solutions. It provides easy-to-consume, informative graphs which can be shared with other stakeholders and top management. Plus, risk factor like CVSS score, port, description of the vulnerability and information fields

real time

Real time

Appsec Scale continually updates as you make changes to your apps and infrastructure. Real-time insights of your vulnerabilities are presented in a single UI.

"We have greater visibility on our vulnerabilities and we have managed to mitigate the most critical findings" 

Security Manager, Global 500 Telecommunications Services Company

Feature comparison of  our DAST and pen testing solutions

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We defend you from hackers by thinking like them. Find out more about our web application security solution.

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On-demand Webinar

scale service description

Scale Service Description

Appsec datasheet

Appsec Datasheet

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