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Dynamic Application Security Testing for DevOps

Built for speed, our DAST scanner works continuously to detect and report your software vulnerabilities so your developers don't have to

Modern application security testing 

Frequent changes to applications, whether built by in-house DevOps teams or outsourced software development, means security risk evaluation must shift towards continuous testing.

Our Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) tool Scale, provides fast and cost-efficient blackbox assessments to identify runtime vulnerabilities (cross-site scripting, SQL injection) and configuration mistakes in OWASP Top 10 and beyond. With REST API, Selenium integration, and automated reporting, our DAST scanner delivers high-quality vulnerability findings to help DevOps and SecOps address security risks with confidence before they are released to the next phase. 

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Why Outpost24's DAST solution

Black Box Testing

Our tool performs security testing without a view into the internal source code or application architecture, using the same techniques that an attacker would use to uncover potential weaknesses

multiple application scanning

OWASP Top 10 

Scale automates checks and helps you stay on top of common vulnerabilities in OWASP top 10 / CWE such as SQL injections,  cross-site scripting and CSRF to minimize your application risks

Dynamic Application Security Testing devsecops

Made for DevSecOps

Agile development requires speed and depth. Scale delivers fast, accurate and continuous assessment for applications that are constantly evolving to help you stay nimble across the SDLC

fast deployment

Fast Results and Automated

As a SaaS solution Scale can be set up within minutes for your scans. The automated solution is ideal for organizations wanting agile and continuous scanning in pre production and production


Risk-based Vulnerability Prioritization

We value quality over quantity. Built with input from experienced pen testers, we use risk indexing to help you focus on meaningful vulnerability findings without overwhelming your team with false positives

rest API

Fully Fledged Rest API

Our open platform uses Rest API for integration into 3rd party tools such as CI/CD toolchains to help increase your operational efficiency by fitting seamlessly into any application development cycle


Protection Beyond the Application Layer

Scale goes beyond the application to assess the OSI  layer 3 to 7 to provide a complete view of the security vulnerabilities in the application as well as the network infrastructure it runs on

rest API

Cost Effective and Scalable

Regular manual testing is expensive and takes too long to produce results when you have many web apps. Scale enrolls multiple applications at once and provide quick assessments to fit any release cycles.

Common use cases for Dynamic Application Security Testing

detailed reports

Security Compliance

Performs security test from the outside to identify common vulnerabilities with OWASP top 10, WASC, CWE/CVE best practice for compliance

real time

Secure Outsourced Apps

Outsourced development can introduce security issues without you knowing. It's vital to understand the application risks before moving to production

real time

DevOps Security

Your developers aren't security experts. Give them the tools they need to embed security into their SDLC with less effort for faster and safer release


Monitor Risk Profiles

Despite not being critical, internal applications can pose a security risk if left unchecked. Use continuous testing and monitoring to keep an eye on your risk level

Dynamic application analyisis

  • Blackbox security testing
  • Requires a running application to analyze the full system environments and execution logic
  • Crawl the pages and identify security vulnerabilities as it runs by simulating pen test-like attacks
  • Used by SecOps at the end of development cycle
  • Vulnerability detection in later stage, more expensive to fix once in production
  • Best for security assurance or outsourced development in pre-production and production

Static application analysis

  • Whitebox security testing
  • Requires source code and access to underlying framework, design and implementation
  • Scan codebase and identify errors and security vulnerabilities as it's being written.
  • Used by DevOps early in the SDLC to reduce technical debt
  • Early security defect detection, less expensive to fix vulnerabilities
  • Best for software developed in-house

Explore our Static Application Security Testing solution

"The Outpost24 platform saves us time. The alerting feature means I can investigate any issues when notified, which is set up to match our business parameters and filter out irrelevant findings that clog up my inbox, helping my small team with multiple responsibilities to better collaborate with DevOps and prioritize vulnerabilities more coherently" 

Erich Giesinger, Head of Web Services and Internet Security at Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Feature comparison of our DAST scanning and continuous pen testing solutions

More Information about Dynamic Application Security Testing

Dynamic Application Security Testing webinar

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Scale Service Description

Dynamic Application Security Testing datasheet

Appsec Datasheet

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