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Secure Coding Training for Application Development

Secure coding training for application development

We empower developers with the know-how to spot software vulnerabilities early before you become headline news

Shift left with secure coding training

Web application continues to be the top attack target for data breaches. Insecure applications cost you more than you think. That’s why incorporating secure coding practices in development is more important than ever.

Our interactive cyber security training for developers will help companies to significantly reduce software vulnerabilities and secure your code from the start. The online training is continuously updated with content in line with new attack techniques so developers are engaged and your organization remains compliant.

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Adversary is the online training partner for Outpost24

What you’ll learn


Turn Developers into First Line of Defense

Secure your application by identifying common software vulnerabilities such as OWASP top 10 and mitigating the risks of insecure code through interactive training

think like a hacker

Spot Vulnerabilities Before a Hacker Does

Understand how code breaks, how hackers exploit vulnerabilities, and how attacks can be prevented. Taking on the role of the attacker teaches how to avoid attacks

employee training

Learn through Gamification

Challenge your team with real-world hacking scenarios in a fun environment with game-like challenges. Trainees complete missions, earn coins, and use them to buy hints when stuck on more difficult tasks

interactive security coding report

Interactive Leaderboard

Detailed overview of your developers and teams are available to help you monitor progress, identify areas for improvement and find out who your security champions are

custom campaigns

Custom and Scalable Training

Create custom training campaigns for your teams based on specific categories and scenarios to build and verify their software security skills

pci complaince

PCI Compliance

Understand how to keep payment card data safe and what to do in the event of a disclosure or a security breach.

Achieve faster and more secure development

Save time and money by securing your software development cycle from the start. Empower your development teams with the skills and knowledge to enhance your cyber defense.

Check out the Product Sheet [PDF]

"Our software developers asked us to adopt Adversary and they have used it a lot for security training. This helps us to involve our employees to participate in further evolving our security culture within Tempo in a fun, engaging and proactive way" 

Sigurjón Sveinsson, Trust Manager at Tempo

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