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Internal vulnerability scanner

HIAB™ is an automated internal vulnerability scanner that enables organizations to assess and manage their remote workforce and infrastructure vulnerabilities with minimum effort

Risk based vulnerability management for infrastructure

Most security breaches are caused by people with access to internal networks, including staff, vendors, and customers. To protect intellectual property and brand reputation when you’re facing possible threats from all sides, your data and asset protection must be proactive 

Evaluate your systems and identify weaknesses much like a hacker. HIAB discovers infrastructure vulnerabilities across servers, workstations and other endpoints connected to your network and use risk-based insights to prioritize remediation. Also, scans and data are stored within the system, ensuring that data never leaves your internal network.

HIAB description

Internal vulnerability scanner main features

agentless Internal vulnerability scanner

Agent based or agentless, for every scenario

Whether you need agent based scanning to secure your remote workforce or agentless scanning to deliver deep network and host assessment, we've got your remote endpoints and network assets covered to give you the best of both worlds

internal network security interface

User-friendly management interface

Easy-to-use interface via web browser access for intuitive management. It has fully automated reporting with actionable advice for remediation. Quick verification of remediation by a single click in the interface

internal network security firewall

Air-gap deployment for data sovereignty

HIAB can be deployed behind your own firewall for added control, or support custom scenarios where local appliances need to be controlled from a cloud-based service for extra protection

internal network security infrastructure

Dynamic asset management

Effectively manage your assets by using dynamic groups to segment your targets, for example, by location, business unit or asset owner. Using meaningful categorizations, you improve efficiency

internal network scanning less scanning

Scanning-less scanning (SLS)

Our unique SLS technology takes a fingerprint of your network and alert you of potential new risks as they appear in between scans, so you are kept up to date and protected even when scanning isn't possible

internal network security reporting

Risk-based prioritization and reporting

Our detailed reports help identify and filter security priorities. With different level of details from CVSS, OS to threat intelligence for advanced prioritization and easy reporting across the business

We help you do more than vulnerability management

full stack assassment

Full Stack Assessment

Outpost24’s HIAB seamlessly integrate the vulnerability management solution with Outscan for external network security, or packages with our Web Application and multi-cloud assessment tools to provide a complete view of your security posture

HIAB integration managed services

Managed Services

Our highly experienced technical experts partner with your organization throughout the initial implementation, scan and remediation reporting, and provide the most secure, efficient cost-effective recommendations to get you where you ought to be faster

HIAB integration pen test

Penetration Testing

Pen Test brings an element of human intelligence to your security efforts, and simulates the thinking and logic used by cybercriminals. We offer a holistic approach from classic penetration testing to scenario-based Red Teaming assessment to explore hidden threats like a hacker would


Risk-based Insights

We help you prioritize vulnerabilities in the context of exploitability for more focused remediation. By ranking and predicting the most aggressive vulnerabilities, and when your team should patch them, reducing risks without incurring extra resources 

"The most significant value we’ve realized since using Outpost24 is the ability to more clearly view the impact and severity of risks that we are exposed to" 

Security Manager, Global Media & Entertainment Company

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HIAB webinar

Internal vulnerability scanner Webinar

external network security whitepaper

Internal vulnerability scanner Whitepaper

HIAB datasheet

Internal vulnerability scanner Datasheet

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