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Automated mobile application security testing

Deliver secure mobile applications with fully automated security analysis for Android & iOS. Spot and fix in-house, outsourced or third-party app vulnerabilities and prevent data breaches

Mobile app security analysis has never been so easy

Weak server side controls, lack of binary protections and poor authentication are just some of the most common security risks for mobile apps. The biggest challenge for DevOps is keeping pace with demand and ensuring fast delivery without introducing new vulnerabilities. App-Ray helps organizations identify and fix security risks in mobile applications at scale, and continuously monitors for potential threats to ensure your apps remain secure and compliant.

Automated mobile application security testing

App-Ray main features


Due diligence for all apps

We continuously scan modules developed by contractors and 3rd parties to ensure your apps are not exposed to vulnerabilities. App-Ray doesn't require source code and operates on Android bytecode

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Continuous monitoring for code updates

Automatically scans for new revisions and lets you detect possible regressions in a timely manner, saving on development time and cost

App-ray scanning

Remain compliant

Our automated application security scanner allows you to meet development deadlines whilst ensuring your apps meet PCI compliance standards

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Rest API

Automatic trigger analysis whenever you need it, and trigger actions if issues are detected and alerts you to faulty or vulnerable releases in advance

app ray reports

Instant and actionable reporting

In-depth results are stored in App-Ray and can be downloaded directly at any time, allowing you to retrieve data for your own reporting

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Easy to deploy and user friendly

App-Ray fits seamlessly into your own environment and is available via cloud or can be installed on premise

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Full vulnerability intelligence

Threats to data integrity and secrecy including SQL injection or unprotected intents are discovered and analyzed automatically

interactive security coding report

Static and dynamic analysis

App-Ray’s hybrid analysis investigates runtime behavior under specific security-relevant conditions and ensures that critical parts of the app are executed and observed

A Mobile AST solution recognized by Gartner

This automated mobile application security testing solution is recognized among representative vendors in the Gartner Market Guide for Mobile Application Security Testing.

Check out the Product Sheet [PDF]

"We used App-Ray to check our 30 most popular apps according to our security and privacy standards. App-Ray proved to be a win supporting us in analyzing 30 apps within a week"

Oliver Merkle, Deutsche Telekom Group Privacy

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