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IaaS Security Assessment

Protect your multicloud workloads and prevent misconfiguratons with a single view of your cloud security posture and compliance

Banish misconfigurations and protect cloud workloads

IaaS security assessment: avoid misconfiguration


We monitor misconfigurations by automatically assessing your cloud environment against security best practice and establishes essential cloud security controls to prevent vulnerabilities from creeping in.

IaaS security assessment: maintaining compliance

CIS compliance

We provide up to 80% CIS coverage – checking new assets, tracking any shadow IT and detecting any misconfiguration to ensure you’re protected against industry benchmarks and remain compliant.

IaaS security assessment for multi cloud

Multi + hybrid cloud 

We support hybrid and multi-cloud deployment in a single console giving you a complete view of cloud security posture, and managing all your cloud service providers from one user interface.

IaaS security assessment: Ongoing risk assessment

Continuous assessment

We automatically and continuously detect security violations against CIS benchmarks and deliver zero false positives. Real time alert to serious threats to help you prioritize remediation efforts and make informed decisions.

Outpost24 Cloudsec Inspect Features

Cloudsec Inspect is a consolidated, scalable solution that helps you automate IaaS security, virtual machines and firewalls. It provides full visibility of cloud security risks through detailed records and assessment to reduce your attack surface.

continuous monitoring SWAT


Create better workflow efficiencies and automate asset discovery through our open cloud API that’s integrated within your toolchain and easy to deploy

clone and scan IaaS security

Patented cloud security assessment

Industry leading cloud security assessment solution for a single view of risk from cloud migration to maturity for deep analysis to minimize operational downtime.

target devops

Integrated vulnerability scanning

Continuous monitoring and scanning of more than 60,000 vulnerabilities with a single pane of glass view. Identifying vulnerabilities in your cloud servers and scanning the network whether authenticated or non-authenticated on the web

multi cloud IaaS Security

Multi-cloud, and hybrid deployments

We make monitoring your hybrid and multi cloud deployment easy by homogenizing security controls in a single UI, creating a 360-degree view of risk in one single source

DevOps report

Comprehensive report with actionable insights

We triage vulnerabilities by risk level and severity, and provide actionable advice for fast remediation and report real threats to your board

agile scan windows

Added application security

Protect your DevOps and application layer with our integrated DAST scanner for continuous assessment of cloud applications

continuous monitoring SWAT

CIS benchmark coverage

We check against up to 80% of security best practice and automatically retrieve cloud misconfiguration assessment against the CIS benchmark so you can confidentially prove your cloud security compliance


Zero false positive

We tune out the noise and focus on real threats. Peer reviewed by our experts, you can be assured there's zero false positives to distract you from remediating the most critical risks

Built for any cloud infrastructure

continuous updates

IaaS Security for AWS

Don't assume that your cloud services from AWS bulletproof your security or protect you from cloud data leak. They don’t. Cloudsec Inspect continuously monitors your AWS environment for IaaS security compliance and vulnerabilities – checking new assets, tracking any shadow IT and detecting any misconfiguration.

continuous updates

IaaS Security for Azure

As you move your critical assets to Azure you are responsible for the security of your workloads. Outpost24 uniquely combines cloud workload analytics with vulnerability assessment to monitor every component of your owned and Azure infrastructure 24/7 for the latest vulnerabilities against security best practices.

fast and deep

IaaS Security for Google Cloud

Our comprehensive IaaS security solution will strengthen your security posture within Google Cloud. We continuously scan Google Cloud for vulnerabilities and provide deeper security coverage for CIS compliance whilst optimizing cloud efficiencies to deliver greater value. 

“Outpost24’s expertise, both in matters of AWS security best practices and technologies, was invaluable to help us meet the security challenges of our PaaS and establish a solid foundation to secure our Wakanda platform.”

Samir Salibi, CMO at Wakanda

More Information about IaaS Security Assessment

We defend you from hackers by thinking like them. Find out more about our IaaS security resources

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IaaS security datasheet

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IaaS security infographic

IaaS Security Infographic

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